Miranda Lambert’s Rescue Dog With Difficult Past Dies At 13

Miranda Lambert Waylon as puppy

Country singer Miranda Lambert is always surrounded by dogs. She’s passionate about encouraging others to adopt, and she uses her fame to help dogs in need. Of course, she loves all her dogs equally, but Golden Retriever siblings Waylon and Jessi will always hold special places in her heart. Their lives started out rough, with Waylon almost passing away from malnourishment. But then, Lambert took them in and helped show them how beautiful life can be. Now, she’s saying goodbye to 13-year-old Waylon, but she’s content knowing that she helped turn his life around and make it worth living. Rest in peace, Waylon.

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A Heart Wrenching Rescue Story

Waylon and Jessi came into Lambert’s life when they were only young, defenseless puppies. She was riding in the car with her mom, listening to Jessi Colter and Waylon Jennings, hence the names of the dogs. Her mom saw the Golden Retriever pups on the side of the road and instantly pulled over to rescue them.

Lambert rushed them to the vet, but was told that Waylon wouldn’t make it. He was severely malnourished because he always put his sister first. Whenever the sweet puppy found something to eat, he would always offer it to his sister before himself. It’s an act of true love that almost cost him his life.

Miranda Lambert puppies
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“[The vet] said he probably wouldn’t make it but he did. For almost 13 years,” said Lambert. “He was a rock in our family and always held down the fort.”

Visiting the vet ultimately saved Waylon’s life. He ended up having 13 amazing years with his family after that. Lambert’s husband of 2 years, Brendan McLoughlin, only got to know Waylon for a short amount of time, but Lambert is grateful he got a chance to meet the lovable dog while he had the chance.

Rescued Golden Retriever puppies
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Waylon Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Losing Waylon was heartbreaking for Lambert, who had been with him for almost his entire life. However, she’s trying to stay positive about the situation because she knows he’s in a better place now. So, she turned to Instagram to share an in-depth post about Waylon’s past and his life with her as a tribute.

Golden Retriever wearing bandana
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“We are heartbroken but happy that he is running across the rainbow bridge right now and will be waiting for us when we get there,” Lambert wrote. “Dogs change your life. The bond is something that can’t be described unless you have lived it.”

Thankfully, Waylon’s sister Jessi is still alive and going strong. Lambert and her husband will make sure to cherish every moment with her and every moment with their other dogs more than they already do. Hopefully, this loss will also teach dog lovers to celebrate every small moment they spend with their dogs. After all, sweet Waylon would want you to.

Waylon and Jessi Golden Retrievers
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Miranda Lambert’s Rescue Dog With Difficult Past Dies At 13