Here’s How Local Teens Can Get Free Prom Attire for a Limited Time

Think back for a moment about your prom.

Whether it was full of fun and frilly dresses — or a nightmare because the dude you were with was expecting to reach third base, and you weren’t ready — it was likely still an event that inspires abundant memories and maybe even a little bit of nostalgia.

Mikalee Byerman Prom
Luckily, I have nothing but wonderful memories of my prom; my date was a perfect gentleman. (But that DRESS…)

So let’s fast-forward to today, and consider this scenario: What if you are currently in high school, and you don’t have the money to buy a dress? What if you are mortified because the only attire you have is a hand-me-down from your mom who went to prom in the ’80s or ’90s? (Need an example? See picture at left.) What if all of these factors prevented you from going to the prom in the first place, which prevents you from making these memories that you’ll reminisce about down the road?

This is a reality for many locals. And to answer the need, Lexie’s Gift is hosting a prom boutique, where local kids from disadvantaged backgrounds can shop and choose a prom dress or tuxedo for free, in a range of sizes from petite to plus and everything in between.

That’s right: FREE.

But unfortunately, this isn’t the same prom boutique you may have heard about last year. This year, because the space Lexie’s Prom Boutique formerly occupied in Shopper’s Square is set for demolition, the 2020 boutique is an extremely limited, 3-day pop-up event taking place at The Grove.

So here’s how you can help.

Do you know a family in need with children in high school? If so, please spread the word about this 3-day event that starts this coming Sunday.

Kids can come, shop, try on dresses or tuxes, and also find accessories to match, all free of charge. (Just be advised that for the best selection, shoppers should come as early as possible.)

And they walk out with the confidence that they will look amazing at this year’s prom — and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Full disclosure: I am a Board member for Lexie’s Gift. As such, I’ve experienced first-hand the commitment that the non-profit’s president, Barbie Marcoe, as well as the rest of the board, have to local kids. We simply want to help these kids feel pretty or handsome — and most of all, confident.

The entire boutique idea is dedicated to the memory of Barbie’s daughter Lexie. If you’re interested in the backstory, you can read more about it here.

And by the way, this is a community endeavor that is fueled by volunteers who painstakingly choose gorgeous and stylish attire (no bolero jackets and shoulder pads like the pic above, circa 1991). And it’s supported by so many, like the recent donation by the Peppermill of more than 30 boxes of tuxedos. Isn’t it amazing when the community rallies around local kids?

Ok, so here are the pertinent details about this year’s event:

Lexie’s Gift 3-Day Pop-Up Prom Boutique

The Grove, 95 Foothill Road, Reno

Sunday, Jan. 12, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.;

Monday, Jan. 13, 2-7 p.m.;

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2-6 p.m.

Shop early for best range of sizes and selection.

Lexie's Gift Prom Boutique
Here’s Lexie’s Gift President Barbie Marcoe in front of prom attire at last year’s boutique. We don’t have a picture of the current year, because we’ll be setting it up Sunday morning at the 3-day pop-up event!

Other Ways You Can Help

  • SPREAD THE WORD! Please share this post or details about the event on your social media channels, so that as many locals can hear about it as possible. The more people we can reach, the more local kids can have the confidence to attend this year’s prom in style.
  • Go to, click on “supporting” and search for “Lexie’s Gift” to donate a portion of the price of every purchase you make on Amazon.
  • Get updates on their Facebook page.
  • Volunteer by calling 775-745-2184.


Here’s How Local Teens Can Get Free Prom Attire for a Limited Time