LOOK: Kentucky players react to the end of the 2020-21 season on social media

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

The 2020-21 Kentucky Men’s Basketball season came to an appropriate end on Thursday afternoon. The ‘Cats fell to the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the second round of the SEC Tournament, finishing with a 9-16 overall record on the year and completing arguably the worst stretch of hoops in the history of the program.

Questions of “what happens next?” will flood the timelines and airwaves throughout the start of the offseason and deep into the summer. A repeat next year of what just took place would simply be inexcusable. Decisions will be made across the board: Who is leaving for the NBA Draft? Who may or may not transfer? Who is coming in? Will there be any coaching staff switch-ups? It’s all seemingly on the table just a few hours after the conclusion of a devastating 74-73 loss.

Lost in the midst of those clouded questions will be the reality in which these student-athletes live in. As tough as this loss to MSU, and the entire season as a whole, has been on the fanbase, it’s been monumentally more challenging for the players who have to experience it every single day.

In the hours following the defeat at the hands of Mississippi State, several Wildcats took to social media to give their initial thoughts on what has happened these last four months. Here’s a look at what they said.

If you’re someone who enjoys reading too far into the subliminal messaging of what teenagers post on social media, this quote from B.J. Boston’s Instagram story will surely make you put on your tinfoil hat.

“Don’t try to skip the process, embrace your current chapter with grace.”

LOOK: Kentucky players react to the end of the 2020-21 season on social media