Momentum Events "IP Counsel Exchange for Biosimilar Applicants and Sponsors," New York, January 23-24

Momentum Event Group will be holding its inaugural "IP Counsel Exchange for Biosimilar Applicants and Sponsors" January 23-24 in New York City.  The effect of the recent Sandoz v. Amgen decision on biosimilar patent litigation strategy is expected to be a main topic of discussion.

The conference begins with an interactive working group, where participants can choose between:

  • "Dissecting the European Biosimilars Experience: What Potential Sponsors and Applicants Can Learn From the Approval of the First Biosimilar Antibody in Europe" and
  • "Navigating the Patent Application Process: Effective Strategies for Ensuring Your Application Obtains Approval and Can Withstand Challenges in the Emerging Biosimilar Market."

The conference continues with the following presentations:

  • "Patent Caselaw Year in Review: Examining Recent Caselaw Developments Under Section 112 Addressing Written Description and Enablement and the Impact on Patent Strategies for Companies Within the Biosimilar Space"
  • "Orange Book Withdrawal: How Sponsors and Applicants Can Conduct Effective IP Due Diligence and Patent Inventory Assessment in the Absence of an Established FDA Patent Listing Resource"
  • "So You Think You Can Patent Dance: Effective Strategies for Best Posturing Your Product and Narrowing the Litigation Landscape"
  • "Size Matters: Dissecting the Divergent Litigation Pathways of Small vs. Large Molecule Products and What Steps Your Company Should Take Now to Prepare Your Future Litigation Strategy"
  • "Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Addressing the Top 5 Global IP Challenges Facing Current and Prospective Biosimilar Sponsors and Applicants"
  • "Addressing the Potential Use of Trade Secrets (Or Not) in Connection with the FDA's Review of Biosimilar Applications Citing a Reference Product and BLA that Predates the BPCIA"
  • "Case Study: To Collaborate or Not to Collaborate?  How Alliances Can Be Used to Strategically Bolster Your Patent Portfolio When Bringing a Biosimilar/Biobetter Product to Market"
  • "Global IP Considerations, Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities for Biosimilar Applicants and Sponsors When Filing Patent Applications Abroad"

The conference concludes with your choice of one of three interative roundtable discussions:

  • "Looking Beyond Year 12: How to Ensure Your Patent Strategies Are Adding Value Beyond the Statutory Period of Exclusivity"
  • "Distinguishing Regulatory Pathways for Biosimilar Products: Biobetters vs. Biosimilars and Considering the Impact Your Regulatory Choice Will Have on Your IP Strategy"
  • "Alternative Monetization Strategies for Your IP Portfolio: How to Drive Your Business When You Choose Not to Apply"

Orange Book Blog readers are entitled to a 10% discount on registration by using code OBB10.  For more information or to register, please visit the conference website.

Momentum Events "IP Counsel Exchange for Biosimilar Applicants and Sponsors," New York, January 23-24