Monday Progress Report: It Works!


Well, accountability clearly is a motivator for me, because I had an amazing and productive weekend. I mean, I certainly did not want to report out zero progress, so thanks to those of you that read here!

Update for January, abbreviated Week Four (Fri-Sun)

Daily Goals

  • Exercise (Run, walk, hike, bicycle, kayak, do yoga, or lift weights)    Walked 12 miles in total, 6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Skipped Friday because I ran lots of errands, however, I could have/should have gotten my workout in before I left the house. Will work to do better on busy days.
  • Practice guitar    Achieved all three days.
  • Practice 15 min Spanish    Achieved all three days. I'm using Duolingo, the free online version, and it's fun. As a result I actually did 30 minutes of practice each day, so yeah me. 😊
  • Limit processed sugar intake to Sat & Sun only    I had four Oreo cookies one night, and zero sugar the other. Life for me is so much better when I avoid processed sugar, so I may revise this to one night a week only going forward.
  • Consume eight cups of water    I consumed 2 cups on Friday, 6 on Saturday, and 5 on Sunday. I am thrilled with my progress, and to my surprise, consuming water has lessened my tendency to snack in the afternoon, and then again after dinner. Plus, I did not have any energy dips throughout the day.
  • Complete a unique household chore    I did four actually, one more than my  goal.Here are the small chores I crossed off:
    • Dust off shelves in curio cabinet
    • Clean hanging lights over kitchen island
    • Rehang one of the six prints displayed over our family room sofa, which has been off by about 1/4" since they were first hung last year
    • Move the recessed light above my bathroom sink in our bedroom to the right about 1/8" to completely cover the opening.
Dust free! This cabinet is filled with mementos from our travels, so it was actually afairly pleasant task.
Lots of memories as I worked my way down each shelf.

Now perfectly straight, yes?

Feels good to know both hanging lights are now clean. Actually found a little bit of splattered smoothie up inside one of them, which was a bit of a surprise. I guess my blender is more powerful than I'd realized!

Weekly Goals
  • Read and finish one book  Yes! I finished White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo. This book, which I highly recommend if you are a white person seeking to really understand the subtle racism most of us don't even know we carry around, was thought provoking to say the least. After completing the book, which I borrowed for free from our library, I am left with the knowledge that while I may not be able to step away from much of the subtle racism I don't even realize I carry around as a white person, I can be open to receiving feedback on where and how it may appear in order to do better.  
  • Weight loss check in (goal is to lose 20 pounds this year). Yes! My scale shows I lost 1.5 lbs over the weekend, the likely result of 12 miles of walking and good food choices due to limiting my intake of processed sugar. So, 1.5 lbs lost, 18.5 lbs to go.
  • Menu plan and grocery shop, including at least one new recipe  Yes! Here was my menu for the week, with the new recipe's in bold, and links to recipes as I'm able to find them online:
    • Sheet-Pan Pork Meatballs with Onions & Artichoke Hearts This was delicious! I served it over a bed of brown rice mixed with lots of marinated fresh kale.
    • Above leftovers
    • Pollo Asado (I buy the pre-marinated package from Aldi's), grilled onions and bell peppers, green salad.
    • Above leftovers
    • Huevos Rancheros with tortillas (From the Cook's Country One Pan Wonders cookbook), green salad.  Also delicious!
    • Above leftovers
    • Takeout Pizza
  • One game night in lieu of TV  Planned for tonight, and each Monday going forward.
  • One reading night in lieu of TV  Planned for this Wednesday night, and each Wednesday night going forward. To be honest, it took a little effort to get back in the swing of reading after the stress of the Presidential election and subsequent efforts to have the results overturned, but now that that is behind us, and because I've now made it a goal on my blog here (i.e., public), I'm finding myself sliding right back into the groove, I have a pile of books (both paper and electronic) that I'm anxious to read, and I'm much looking forward to a night dedicated to cozily doing so. 
Monthly Themed Goals
  • January  Home  New for this week's update: With the onset of shorter and colder days, we've gotten in the questionable habit of eating our dinner on trays in front of the TV. So my husband and I recently hatted about this, and agreed that unless we are having a specifically designated movie night at home, we'll return to eating in our dining room. Our very pretty dining room I should add, so it's not like this is a punishment. And increasingly, we are finding more COVID-conscious individual activities, meaning we have more fun things to share with each other at the end of the day than when the pandemic first began. Like the afternoon I recently spent helping to paint a tall ship at our harbor. As I painted and chatted with my fellow volunteers, I learned about a sailing club that was open to non-boat owners (they basically act as unpaid crew, which works just fine for me), and a white bass fish hatchery program that was going on literally under our feet. So, much to talk about when I got home, and that's just one small example. Life is adapting! 

Up next:
  • February  Romance
  • March  
  • April  
  • May
  • June  
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

How about you? Any goal updates to share?

Monday Progress Report: It Works!