‘Moon Knight’ producer drops the latest tease for MCU’s Midnight Sons

It’s growing increasingly inevitable that supernatural superhero team Midnight Sons will eventually band together and make a splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a number of recent developments all pointing in that direction.

The most prominent is the fact Oscar Isaac repeatedly keeps telling everyone how much he’d love to see Moon Knight become part of the crew, something fans would be fully on board with. Then, when you factor in Mahershala Ali’s incoming Blade reboot, the speculation touting Laura Donnelly’s mystery Werewolf by Night character being revealed as Elsa Bloodstone, the increasing prominence of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange as one of the franchise’s key players, and the hopes for Jon Bernthal to return as the Punisher never going away, the makings of a solid crew are already in place.

We can now add Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis to the list of supporters, after he danced around the line of inquiry during an interview with ComicBook, while still admitting in a roundabout way that he’s fully on board with the idea.

“That’s a great question for my boss down the hall. I can walk into Kevin Feige’s office and you’ll get all your answers. No, but seriously. That’s above my pay grade my friend, but I can’t wait to see the answer to that as well.”

History has shown that the MCU is hardly against assembling a team when the occasion calls for it, either, so we’d be more surprised at this point if Midnight Sons hasn’t at least been discussed in the corridors of power.

‘Moon Knight’ producer drops the latest tease for MCU’s Midnight Sons