Mosko Moto’s Woodland Motorcycle Luggage Collection

I love Mosko Moto luggage, and I’m not just saying that. Riding around the world, I tried three different pannier setups—hard and soft—and Mosko’s were my favorite. That said, Mosko has a lot of competition on their hands, as ADV and dual-sport riding catches on like internet cafes in the 2000s. Nevertheless, Mosko is keepin’ it real by keepin’ up with the onslaught of hungry riders looking for that next perfect piece of gear. And I must say, this new color combo for Mosko Moto’s Woodland luggage collection is pretty dang sexy (just like their lizard logo—is that weird?)

Note today is Cyber Monday, and Mosko has a deal going for pre-orders. Read more below, or go straight to their site.

Backcountry 35L Pannier Kit (V2.1)


Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack (V2.0)


Scout 50L Duffle


Reckless 80L (V3.0) Revolver


From Mosko Moto:

Did you say Preorder Program? Yes, we did.

The ongoing global shipping and receiving fiasco continues, leading to unfortunate and frustrating price increases on Mosko luggage and affecting our annual Black Friday discounts.

To combat this, Mosko will offer a preorder collection of select Luggage products at a 20% discount + free shipping worldwide on orders over $100, delivering these orders in March 2022.

Have a question about this? Visit this Preorder FAQ page.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Discount Structures: 

Preorder Luggage:
20% Off + free shipping worldwide
on orders over $100

In-stock Luggage:
5% Off + free shipping worldwide
on orders over $100

10% Off + free shipping worldwide

This sales runs
Friday 11/26 – Monday 11/29


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Mosko Moto’s Woodland Motorcycle Luggage Collection