Mr Dodgy invitational

Man from Bjurfors arranged international online chess

This weekend, Michael Duke, or MrDodgy which is his pseudonym, arranged an international chess tournament online. This scot, who has been living in Bjurfors with his family, is a big name among chess enthusiasts. Michael has written six books about chess and works full time as a chess coach, from beginners to advanced players. He explains his nickname, MrDodgy, this way: 

I like to surprise people and take risks in the game. Draws are nothing for me, he says. 

The newspaper has arranged to meet him at his mother-in-laws who is living in Ulriksberg outside Myrheden. He is dressed as a knight and is about to get up on a horseback for the first time. 

The winner of my tournament, MrDodgy Invitational, will in addition to the prize money of $2,000 get a signed poster of me on a horse. A weird idea that has received quite a bit of attention online, Michael explains. 

Despite his slight fear of horses, he gets up on the horse and poses for his girlfriend who takes pictures and video. Eight world class players from seven countries battled it out, and the winner of the tournament was Anish Giri from the Netherlands. He won the final against David Navara from the Czech republic. Now, Michael can return to his job as a chess coach. He has been a consultant at Chessable since 2019. 

The interest for online chess has increased a lot because of the corona crisis, Michael explains. 

The owner of Chessable is Play Magnu, the app company of the reigning Norwegian World champion, Magnus Carlsen. This company is behind three different apps, where the flagship is Play Magnus. In this app, users can challenge a computer that plays like Magnus Carlsen during different periods of his life. 

Magnus is a role model for me as a chess player. He also likes to take risks. 

In the chess world, Michael Duke is a known name, first and foremost for his books, where he has done deep analyses of different openings. Chessable has about 20 educators around the world. 

And I am the only one in Sweden, says Mike. 

He has played chess since he was eight years old, and started participating in tournaments when he was 17. On the world ranking, he is among the 2,000 (20,000?) best players in the world. 

But after I moved to Sweden, I have only played a single tournament in Umeå. Nowadays, I play mostly online. I have also played a bit with Skellefteå chess club, which has been very nice. 

Article by Lars Westerlund 
Translation by Dr Patzer
Source: patzersreview

Mr Dodgy invitational