Mum gives birth to whopping 12lb baby the ‘size of a three-year-old’ & people joke he’s ‘already got a credit score’

A MOTHER took to TikTok to reveal the size of her whopping 12lb 6oz baby as people joked he was ‘already the size of a three-year-old’.

Viewers were gobsmacked at the momentous size of the newborn tot joking that he “should already be paying taxes.”

Mum @erikasilenceweber told TikTok viewers about her VERY large baby[/caption]

The mum uploaded the video in response to another TikTok user’s question.

TikToker @tawnee117 posed the question to her followers: “I wanna see who had the biggest baby. Whoever sees this video, tell me the weight of your biggest baby.”

Mum @erikasilenceweber took up the challenge and uploaded a response video.

She said: “So everyone keeps tagging me in this and telling me I should do this.

The 12lb 6oz new-born is pictured here just after it was delivered by C-section[/caption]

“At 37 weeks I went in for an ultrasound and my son was weighing in at 9lb 15oz so we scheduled for a c-section.

“I ended up being put into labour the day before c-section and I still went with a c-section because the doctor highly advised that, and… I had a baby that was 12lbs 6oz!”

The video has been viewed by more than six million fellow TikTok users many of whom were blown away by the size of the tot.

TikToker @tawnee117 asked her followers to tell her the weight of their babies[/caption]

One said: “Bro came out with a whole credit score.”

Another said: “So you gave birth to a football player.”

While another joked: “That child came out already three years old.”

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Mum gives birth to whopping 12lb baby the ‘size of a three-year-old’ & people joke he’s ‘already got a credit score’