Order Face Masks from These Local Denver Businesses

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Support local business AND protect our community by ordering a face mask from one of these Denver businesses. 

Are you wearing a face mask? We live in a very populated area in Northwest Denver, and I’m noticing less than half the people who walk by are wearing masks. People, we’ve GOT to mask up! As a rule follower by nature, I’m humbly abiding by Governer Polis’s recommendation to mask up when going out in public. I’ve read online where people say they think they’re fine so they don’t need it, but here’s the thing…you may feel fine, but you may be asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the virus if you don’t cover up. The face mask is to protect our fellow community members more than it is to protect ourselves.

As an aside, I realize this is an issue that is complicated for some in a way I can’t fully understand. If you are able to wear a mask without fear this will further compromise your safety, then this is something we can do to help protect our fellow community members.

If you’re struggling with trying to find a face mask, a number of Denver local businesses have pivoted from their business as usual to create and sell face masks right now…


Yes, the shop where you’d normally get your shoes is now making and selling face masks. Family-owned Dardano’s will donate one face mask for every two they sell. A variety of prints are available for $16 apiece.

Knotty Tie

The fashionable tie shop where you can pick (or even design) your own tie fabric now offers stylish options for your face masks as well. Choose from 80+ fun prints in regular and standard sizes starting at $22. I like the prints that show we’re all in this together so ordered this one and this one.


From winter face masks to pandemic face masks, Phunkshun literally has you covered. Even Governor Polis was spotted wearing one of these. Choose small or large in 18 different prints for $19.99.

Winter Session

The minimalist bag company now offers a face mask in a similar aesthetic. Order their simple gray face mask for $14, or get a price break with packs of two ($26), four ($48), six ($65), or ten ($100).

I’ve seen so many people put their sewing skills to use and offer up their homemade masks for free on FaceBook and NextDoor. If you have sewing savvy, but don’t know where to donate your creations, here’s a couple organizations who will help you get them distributed to those who need them.

Denver Mask Taskforce

This grass roots, volunteer-based movement has so far delivered 1000 face masks but they have 10,000 more requests to fill, so thread that needle!

Colorado Mask Project

With the ambitious goal of providing all Coloradans with DIY masks to help flatten the curve, Colorado Mask Project is collecting funds and donations of face masks. The website also offers detailed how-to instructions as well as resources to share with your friends and family of why it’s important to wear a mask right now.

Know another local business selling face masks? Please share in the comments!

For more ways to support local Denver businesses right now, here’s a round-up of local grocers you can still shop (some offere delivery) and local coffee subscriptions you can have delivered to your home.

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Order Face Masks from These Local Denver Businesses