Better Lessons: Improving Students’ Learning With Professional Development

Better Lessons Science ensures schools are adequately prepared to offer a well-rounded education to students.

Since teachers are at the forefront of education, they need the right training to give students essential knowledge.

With this platform, professional development has never been more straightforward.

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Instead of focusing primarily on students’ performance, this learning platform is designed for professionals.

Educators can browse through an incredible number of components to boost their teaching skills.

There are many components to the program, ranging from professional-designed flexible learning pathways to in-person workshops.


One of the most popular components of this program is its workshops.

Schools and districts can create in-person meetings with educators to develop a collaborative learning environment.

Educators will share new skills and engagement methods for encouraging student learning.

All of the workshops’ strategies are student-centered for teaching and coaching.

You’ll quickly find that your teachers will acquire new instructional strategies to meet students’ needs and district goals.

There are several modules to each workshop, including:

  • Responsive and inclusive practices
  • Student engagement
  • Instructional leadership
  • Innovative models
  • Curriculum and academic content

Instructional Coaching

It can often be better to have access to in-person coaching in a classroom environment.

This aspect of the platform allows educators to learn by doing with professional development coaches’ help.

With this method, teachers can get one-on-one help and training to serve their students better.

If you want a more tailored approach to boosting your educators’ abilities, this is a significant component to consider.

Each coach ensures teachers are challenged to take more risks to encourage positive student feedback and communication.

Over time, they will learn an impressive number of tips and tricks to use in their classroom environment.

Online Learning Communities

If in-person meetings aren’t possible at your school, you can always take advantage of online learning communities.

There is an incredible number of digital resources teachers can access on their own time for professional development.

You’ll also find a collection of learning communities where they can connect with their peers to learn new student-centered strategies.

Better Lessons Science: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers have plenty of options when learning how to put this program to fair use.

Taking advantage of the online modules is of the utmost importance since you can better your teaching skills independently.

Some of the most popular components that you’ll have access to with an account include:

  • Virtual Coaching

One-on-one virtual coaching is essential for teachers and administrators alike.

The personal coaches are intentionally matched depending on the participant’s needs to ensure their goals are met.

Besides providing essential teaching and managing tips, the coach offers individualized teachings based on your needs.

  • Virtual Workshops

Instead of hosting in-person workshops, teachers have the opportunity to join virtual seminars, which are equally as useful.

Opposite to one-on-one coaching, these group discussions can be beneficial for a more collaborative environment.

Educators will learn an assortment of student-centered learning tricks and critical advice for boosting student learning.

In the virtual workshops, you’ll find community-building exercises, participant polls, breakout rooms, and more.

It’s a fantastic way to accommodate larger groups of teachers across the district simultaneously.

  • Self-Guided Online Course

There’s a five-module online course available for teacher’s professional development.

You can complete the course on your own time and at your own pace, making it a fantastic option.

There are a collection of videos, assignments, quizzes, and planning tools you can use.

You’ll also have access to a mentor, whom you can ask essential questions.

Once you complete the online course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

  • Lesson Plans

One of the more unique concepts of this program is its collection of lesson plans and instructional strategies.

While taking advantage of professional development tools, teachers can also access pre-made lesson plans.

Each of these plans has been designed explicitly with their students’ needs in mind across an assortment of topics.

With Better Lessons, teachers can find projects for physical sciences, life sciences, Earth and space sciences, and more.

There are also lesson plans and strategies for math, English language arts, and blended learning.

For Districts

Although teachers are bound to see the most benefits from this platform, districts and administrators can benefit.

As an administrator, it’s your responsibility to ensure your educators are prepared to improve students’ education.

There are a couple of critical components to the platform you’ll want to consider as well.

School Walkthroughs

Before you decide to sign your teachers up for one-on-one coaching, a school walkthrough is advised.

When you schedule a conversation, you’ll get an independent mentor who will go through your school to analyze teacher development.

Their primary objective is to observe classroom environments, identify teacher practices, and develop a plan.

Within their plan, they will provide essential pieces of advice on how educators can improve student-centered learning.

It’s one of the better features for getting a deeper understanding of your schools’ foundational practices.

Administrators can then use this advice to determine which educators need improvements and access to innovative teaching concepts.

With the mentor’s help, you can create an action plan that effortlessly supports your teachers.

This process is ideal for creating a more optimized classroom environment.

Improving the School Ecosystem

Aside from teaching practices, this program is also recommended for fostering a healthier school environment.

You can ensure every student is taken into consideration when developing beneficial educational plans.

You’ll also begin to see a significant improvement in employee and student attitudes, which will lead to better grades.

With this platform, you can explore several critical topics, including:

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Equity and Access
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Disrupting Deficit Narratives
  • Bias and Privilege
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Family Partnerships
  • Communication and Feedback
  • Learning Cadence
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Synchronous Learning

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Endless Content

There’s an unprecedented number of learning modules available through this platform.

Once you get started, it will feel like there’s an endless amount of content to help educators better themselves.

Students are bound to significantly benefit from the student-led practices that each teacher’s training focuses on.

User-Friendly Format

Although there’s a lot of content to navigate through, teachers will find it’s laid out conveniently.

All of the most critical tools and resources are available online, and teachers can complete training on their own time.

It’s also important to note that administrators can track their teachers’ progress to ensure they’re staying on track.

Mentor-Focused Training

For some, getting help from a seasoned professional is the best way to learn new teaching practices and techniques.

Fortunately, there are plenty of mentor-focused training options, whether teachers have questions or need advice.

Schools can also opt to hire independent mentors to help specific classrooms experience significant benefits.


Accessing all of the current information on the platform is entirely free; however, teachers will need to sign up for an account.

If you require in-person services, there will be a cost per service, which you can negotiate with its sales team.


With Better Lessons Science, teachers can significantly improve their teaching capabilities.

The platform is designed explicitly for student-led learning, ideal for promoting a healthier learning environment.

Students are bound to benefit significantly from more in-depth professional development through their educators.

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Better Lessons: Improving Students’ Learning With Professional Development