My Anti-Bucket List

Yes, I understand any normal person has thought of things that they would like to put on their list… you know, all the activities you would like to participate in before you, well… kick the bucket. Although there are many things in my life I would like to do, I know that some of those things are unreasonable because of my Parkinson’s disease.  Now, I can gather that some of you might be saying, “But Perky what about when you said that you can do anything you put your mind to?”  Yes, I did say that but with modifications.


Need an example?  Let’s say number 3 on my bucket list is I want to go on a trip to Costa Rica, to volunteer at a sloth sanctuary… my spirit animal, where I will meet and fall in love with Xavier, a local resident who works at the rescue.  We will spend a whole summer playing with sloths and feeding each other fruit.  No judgment.  This is my bucket list.

I understand that due to my Parkinson’s. This is an impossible activity to plan to do before I die.  But a girl can dream… longing sigh. Sorry, I lost myself for a moment.  But I can modify my goals to make them manageable.  I take the main idea from my list, and which is traveling to hanging out with sloths… and I did that by traveling to the San Diego Zoo and petting a sloth and I ended up getting a fruit smoothie that day too.  Do you see?! I can do anything using a modification. 

Many of you know that I have a quirky way of looking at the world.  The way my mind works, I think what it would look like if I had an anti-bucket list.  You know, things that I want to avoid at all costs.  Well, it took some brainstorming, but I gathered some thoughts, and here’s what I came up with…

Take a Parkinson’s drug holiday 

There are some who believe that stopping all Parkinson’s medications for an extended amount of time gives your body a chance to “detox” from the effects of L-Dopa.  As for me, I can’t imagine at this stage of my disease stopping medications.  It would lower my quality of life and I will avoid it like the bubonic plague.  

Stop exercising

Like I’ve said before if I told you there was a pill that you could take that would improve your mood, body movements, and even your digestion… I bet you’d be heading to the pharmacy right now.  Well, you have the prescription already… it’s exercise. Movement is life. 

Living in a world with no sweet treats

This makes me tearful if I really think about it. A world without desserts.  That would be my apocalypse… the end of sugar would destroy me on a catastrophic level.  Ok, maybe I am a little dramatic, but I can’t see happiness without my Fro Yo.   

Let energy parasites drain me

It’s the type of people who latch onto you that feed off your positive energy, draining you till there’s nothing left.  You can’t tell me that you don’t have any “Debbie Downers” in your life who l just secretes negative sludge and suck any happiness out of you? 

Be a contestant on “Naked and Afraid”

Naked and Fraid is a show about a couple of survivalists that are partnered together and dropped into challenging environments like the Amazon, or Ecuador.  They have to survive for 14 days, naked with only 1 personal item that they can bring to help them make it.  Most people would opt for a machete or a fire starter.  If I was on that show, I would last about an hour.  For my personal item, I would bring wet wipes, because have you ever had to go to the bathroom in the jungle? 

Now it’s your turn…. What do you have on your bucket list, or flip the script and what is on your anti-bucket list?      

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My Anti-Bucket List