My First Slipcover: A Chair with Arms and Legs

This year I decided to slipcover The Gold Chair.  This is a chair I've had forever; it belonged to my mom, and I never really loved the gold fabric, but the chair itself is comfortable and I could never justify getting rid of it. 

I watched the Miss Mustard Seed slipcover videos (here's her playlist, but scroll down to find the videos--they are not the ones labeled "old").  They're so helpful!  Then I just used white denim I had on hand, and I got to work.

I pricked myself a million times when I was pin-fitting the slipcover to the chair back.

One thing I didn't realize was that figuring out how to work around those arms and legs would be challenging.  It would have been so much easier to sew a slipcover that simply covered the whole piece, like one for a wingback chair.  So I tackled something a little complex for my first slipcover, and it took a lot of thinking. 

But I did it! 

I love the white fabric.  It's so bright.

You can't see the ties here--but I did sew cute ties onto the back.

And now Alice the Cat has a comfy place to sleep.  

...and I love that I can wash the slipcover anytime!

Source: thejoyfulhouse

My First Slipcover: A Chair with Arms and Legs