My Husband Has A Vaccine Appointment!

This feels a bit crazy, but I was able to get my husband a vaccine appointment after spending four hours on the official California vaccine sign up website yesterday. Orange County opened up appointments this week for anyone age 65 and above, and I was determined to get one of them for him. 

It was a frustrating process. There is no rhyme or reason to when the appointments for the next available booking day are loaded onto the website. It's pretty much down to luck. If you are lucky enough to make an attempt within about five minutes of the appointments being loaded, you may be able to snag one. I made over 100 attempts before finally getting through. As I shouted in excitement, the first appointment I attempted to grab disappeared before I could click through. My second attempt was successful, however, and we got one. My husband will be vaccinated this Sunday, and my understanding is his second appointment will be given to him then and there, so no website follow up needed. 

It feels a bit surreal.

This won't change my life for the time being, since even vaccinated he can still carry the virus and thus infect me, but I least I'll no longer have to worry about him becoming ill.  Plus, he will now be able to fly back east to visit and help out with our granddaughters in that my son-in-law is back out to sea with the Navy. I wish it were me as well, of course, but I'm relieved that at least one of us can soon go back.

Otherwise, much relief that our home is once again a place of peace and tranquility with all work pretty much completed. Shower glass has been ordered for two bathrooms, and is due in next week, plus we have two small adjustments that will need tradespeople to return, but all of these will be brief and mess free. 

As a result, I've been able to rejoin my kayak, hiking, and bicycling groups and it feels really good. I feel free for the first time in months, and I'm enjoying it immensely.

Here is a photo of where we sat down to eat our lunch during yesterday's bicycle ride. Our high yesterday was 98 degrees, so this ride took some determination to complete, not to mention a whole lot of water. Still, it felt great to return to having my days once again available to spend outdoors.

My Husband Has A Vaccine Appointment!