Paw Patrol: Meet The Pets Of Curve

Ever wondered what your pets get up to while you’re at work all day? Are they sleeping on the bed? Drinking from the toilet bowl (again)? Have they made peace with the gang of neighbourhood squirrels?

As the entire Curve team is now working remotely, we’ve been granted unprecedented access into the lives of our colleagues’ pets. While some are overwhelmed by the fact that their human is at home all day, others are a tad unimpressed that their daily routines have been disturbed.

We’ve been asking our team (yes, we have a dedicated #pets Slack channel) to share their experiences working alongside their pets in the first of our new Meet the Pets of Curve series.

Monty (Customer Experience)

This is our newest CX Champion Monty. We haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him in the office yet, but with those eyes, of course we will have that proposal ready by the end of the day. 

Duchess (InfoSec)

This is Duchess, our resident guard dog and part of our InfoSec team. She knows exactly where you’re hiding your treats. And deleting your cookies won’t help you whatsoever. 

Noodle (Disputes)

This is Noodle, a core member of our Disputes team. He’s been an office stalwart for some time and knows what’s what and who’s who. His name may sound delicious but Noodle is your go to guy to serve up some refund justice.

Taco (Product)

Taco has just turned 1! Well, that’s what he keeps telling us anyway… As mighty as his name suggests, this little golden nugget has a big personality and has grown to become the Product team’s most invaluable creative muse (even when he’s caught sleeping on the job). 

Duchess (Legal)

Duchess (because one is never enough) is part of our legal team by day and a social media star by night. We haven’t yet had the pleasure of being introduced but we’re expecting an audience with our new Queen sooner rather than later. Influencer, protector, purrfect.  

And that’s just a small (but hugely important) part of team Curve. 

Got a furry friend keeping you company as you WFH? Share your animal adventures by tagging us on Twitter & Instagram (@imaginecurve) and using the hashtag #petsofcurve. 

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Paw Patrol: Meet The Pets Of Curve