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I have been overcome with deep homesickness as of late, homesickness for Ross. And also, as I read in this John Smallman I was concerned because if all eternity exists without form, then, how was I ever going to see Ross' face again?

I miss it!

In my meditations at once I realize what a gift is it to look upon the faces of your loved ones, your colleagues, your patients, people in a crowd, and see FACES. Faces you know and who know you back. And faces that come from people who are in form.

I ached to see Ross' face.

He asked me what is it you want, anything, anything? And I said, 'I want to see your face! I love it so!'

Just at this same time, a few moments afterwards, someone sent me a text. Ross had told her to create something for me, something meaningful, and it was from him.

I explained to her how the homesickness was really strong, and how I couldn't stand it.

And she understood.

Spirit does that.

Spirit talks to those who listen.

And Spirit will help people through those who listen.

The more one avoids the habit of negative thinking, the more the ears open. The Spiritual Ears. Actually, all of the clairs--clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairolfaction.  These are the ways Spirit communicates with us.

So, just for today, listen for Spirit. And enjoy faces. Especially smiles.


Ross tells me to give an update on my health.  I require a new morning routine. At first I loved it, then I bucked against it (I don't like anyone or anything telling me what to do). But my coughing was worse so now I accept it. First thing in the morning, breathing treatment, then rinsing everything that could get infected from the steroid. And a moment of rest. In my 'tub' I rested in Ross' arms. He told me to rest. And he filled me with good energy, right down my throat, like a goose for foie gras (it's the fastest way for it to get it). I don't mind it.  He said many are taking energy off of me, not to worry, this will keep me full.

I'm a continuous source of Reiki to everyone around me. It's okay. I can handle it. Only my frequency is a little higher than Reiki, that's why I need Ross' extra 'feedings' to keep me strong.

I also forgot to mention that Ross had me take off my healing crystals and jewelry from the pneumonia two days ago. And now, a new batch has come in--a wonderful apatite the same length as the psilomane (which was strong). Then the new necklace.

I've had two days off work. One yesterday I had been asked by a friend. She was covering for someone who backed out on her. So when I was healthy I said yes, for a fun day. But she took my highest paying day of the month! She did! Wow. And today, I didn't remember agreeing to someone taking my day. It all works out. I must rest because two weekends of call back to back are heading my way.

I cough up nasty things once in a while. It's good to get rid of it. But otherwise I breathe well. If the air is dry or I talk too much I get coughing spells which are my equivalent of wheezing for asthma attacks.

Ross reminds me to share one more thing. He insisted I buy weighted blankets for Anthony and me. Anthony was having trouble sleeping.  These ones were at big lots and were fifty dollars each--a fortune--but I was buying the mirrors and they were cheaper , half the price than the budget. These weighted blankets are fifteen pounds each. They are filled with glass beads.

They are incredible. Not only do they make you feel 'right' with the weight on you, but also, it's like being in a bubble of five d with the energies. It's like the other stuff EMF etc I can't feel it.

You can't put these in the washer, and they aren't full size for a big bed, it's like a large throw.

But we both enthusiastically recommend them!

clap'! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins
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About A Face