If YOU… Peak Week Training Summary (80)!!

Andrew was doing a shift at the hospital so I hit the treadmill for 4 miles but let’s be honest… I was more than okay being inside my warm house for my Saturday miles after the last few days ha.

It did feel weird to be doing a 30ish minute run vs the hours of running I felt like I had been doing all week before.

IMG 7536

I hit a new weekly mileage personal record.  I am not sure I will ever hit this distance again unless I decide to do a 100 miler in the future…

80.3 MILES!

Monday:  13 miles total on the treadmill!  W/U, 8 x 5 minutes @ 7:03 average pace w/1 minute recoveries (stopped), C/D.  Treadmill.

Tuesday:  5 miles @ 8:28 average.  Treadmill.

Wednesday:  13 miles @ 8:35 average.  Treadmill.

Thursday:  30 miles @ 8:47 average (not counting a break for fuel stop or at home to see kids before school).

Friday: 15 miles @ 9:20 average on fresh snow.

Saturday:  4.3 miles @ 9:35.  Treadmill.

Sunday:  OFF!!!

And now we have a recovery week (wahoo) and then a highish mileage week followed by THE TAPER!

Here’s next week:

IMG 7539

If you push the body, then let it rest, it adapts. (From Deena’s book)

Time to let it rest!

IMG 7526

Our first outing for the day was to go watch my niece at her volleyball tournament.

IMG 7546

Skye was very into the game.

IMG 7549

They won (and my niece is unreal… she is so good) and as soon as she came over Skye reached out to go to her.

IMG 7558

We are big fans of this girl.

IMG 7562

Operation ‘wait until Skye is 4 before I take her to the grocery store alone again’ is going well.  Grocery pick-up is the best thing ever and I’m excited for our meals this week. Why didn’t I start meal planning years ago?!

IMG 7582

You know Skye is tired when she plops down on the ground and starts rubbing the corner of her blanket by her nose.

IMG 7584

We had a few bananas begging to be made into something so I made these Flourless Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies.

IMG 7589

I had this post written up until this point and when Andrew got home from work we got a phone call that his grandpa passed on.  We feel very lucky we were able to see him 3 weeks ago.  We will be going to California this week to his funeral.  Please keep Andrew and his family in your prayers! Thank You!

If YOU… Peak Week Training Summary (80)!!