Plague (2015)

Plague (2015)
Plague (2015)

Main cast: Tegan Crowley (Evie), Scott Marcus (John), Don Bridges (Gary), Liza Dennis (Marge), Steven Jianai (Charlie), Sarah Ranken (Sam), Nicholas Stribakos (Bob), and Benjamin Rigby (Corporal Davies)
Directors: Nick Kozakis and Kostas Ouzas

Okay, people, you know the drill: zombie apocalypse, survivors, and these survivors turning on one another. Because Plague is a super low-budget flick even by Australian standards, however, don’t be fooled like I was by the movie art into expecting a more zombie movie-like film, as there are hardly any zombies here. Just some really terrible actors acting up in and around a farm house that likely rented for cheap or belonging to one of the folks behind this movie.

This is an excruciating movie to watch, however, because the main protagonists are all insufferably weak, selfish, whiny, and even loathsome. Evie, the woman who is at the farmhouse with other survivors while waiting for husband John to join them, insists on taking the food and the vehicle to  go back and look for him – an action that would jeopardize the lives of the other survivors. She spends the bulk of this movie weeping in a most annoying manner and generally being a painful baggage, while insisting that she is entitled to having everyone around her cater to her whims. While he shows up, John turns out to be a weak and spineless person who, while holding a gun, will curl up into the ground and weep just like the wife when a meanie drags the wife off to rape her. And it says a lot about these two that the rapist-villain is actually the most tolerable person here, because while he may be a POS, he isn’t a constantly crying useless waste of flesh.

The rest of the characters aren’t any better. They yell, shout, and make a lot of noise when they know that the zombies detect their victims by sound. They have plenty of canned food and are living in a farm, but instead of planting some crops while waiting out at the place, they waste the canned food and scream at one another when they are not moping in self pity.

The conclusion cements the fact that this movie is a waste of both time and bile. Evie – still weeping, of course – collapses on the ground and insists that she can’t go on anymore. Since the zombies are coming, John begs her to get up but she just weeps and says no. Then he decides to do the right thing and ditches her, and she then shoots him and walks away – something that he had been begging her to do. Seriously, Evie should just die for humanity’s sake, and it wounds me deep that she doesn’t get her just rewards after tormenting me with her incessant uselessness and non-stop crying.

Don’t watch Plague. Really, just don’t.


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Plague (2015)