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Being More in Touch with the Relative Existence, Not Less

The understanding puts the realized more in touch with "relative realities," not less; post-realization, relative happenings must still happen, but they can happen without being coated in a thick layer of ideological dreaminess or alternating dollops of positivity and negativity. 

The understanding of the THAT-ness is 100% useless unless it is overlaid on the AM-ness and allowed to guide all relative happenings, so the understanding is 100% useless unless it is "applied" now. With the coming of the understanding also comes wisdom and sanity, but understanding and wisdom and sanity can only come when all of what Maharaj called "learned ignorance" and "stupidity, verging on insanity" first go.

That is another of the "borderlines" that can be discussed during the teachings. A year ago, there was a U.S.-Russian spy swap involving 14 spies that was handled at an airport by using two airplanes; however, throughout the "Cold War" years, the exchanges often took place at bridges that crossed borderlines. 

For example, between 1962 and 1986, Berlin's Glienicke Bridge was used four times as the site for a Soviet-U.S. spy swap. The bridge at the time was located at an isolated point where US-occupied West Berlin met Soviet-occupied Potsdam in East Germany.

Those "Iron Curtain" crossings, which were usually preceded by months of meetings between negotiators, were as orchestrated as any dance: usually taking place at night, the bridge would be floodlit and guarded by heavily-armed Soviet and U.S. soldiers with dogs, all standing at opposite ends of the bridge. 

As the spy or spies on one end of the bridge began walking, the spies on the opposite end did the same. All of those spies knew that guns were aimed at their backs and that they would be shot if either side tried to trick the other. The spies all met at the halfway point as they walked toward freedom, and as one spy or group of spies crossed the midway point headed to liberation, the other spy or spies did the same. The same scenario plays out during the dance of realization:

as the "learned ignorance" and the "stupidity, verging on insanity" that Maharaj spoke of cross the borderline between the relative and the understanding of the Absolute, the departing ignorance and stupidity and insanity meet and pass the arriving understanding and wisdom and sanity as the latter move across the borderline and allow the seeker, finally, to be totally free.

It is one thing to know only the AM-ness and to be imprisoned as a result, and it is one thing to be shackled to the AM-ness alone; it is another thing to know THAT but to claim to have abandoned the AM-ness and all that it will bring or toss your way. That is just another form of imprisonment.

 The prison of the "mind" is a prison where each belief and concept and idea and desire and fear becomes one of the bars of that jail. Such a limited, no-understanding prison is the fertile ground where ignorance and insanity are conceived and will give birth to what will eventually become the guards that incarcerate, in the absence of Full Realization, you and all among the masses.

The realized teacher is a negotiator as well, working for your freedom, arranging the means by which you can be freed from prison and can cross the borderline to logic and reason and clear-seeing and sanity, all of which come when the hidden agendas of personality's desires and fears go.

The Advaita "swap" comes when ignorance is seen to be ignorance, when one finally wakes up enough to say, 

"My history shows that I am insane, in terms of so-called spiritual or religious concepts that have been accepted without question; in terms of my beliefs about relationships and what makes them healthy or unhealthy; in terms of having a "broken picker" when it comes to choosing partners in business or in "personal relations"; 

in terms of my going through the existence with my head in the clouds and being a 'deep philosopher' and being overly-serious and boring and not enjoying what the relative has to offer; 

in terms of every decision made during the relative that reveals a deep-seated, self-defeating, self-destructive tendency; in terms of being in a prison but believing that I have been free; and in terms of every aspect of my relative existence, in fact."

 The "Truly Realized That Share the True Non-Dual Understanding to Imprisoned and Endangered Persons"

What the truly realized have to offer - as far as the relative existence is concerned - is no less significant than the "Forewarner of the Coming Tsunami." 

You may have likely seen film of some of the instances where people are standing on the beach watching the waters suddenly begin to recede. Many rush forward to collect fish or shells. Some move to the newly-exposed wet sand in order to have a close-up view of this strange phenomenon playing out before their very eyes.

Standing there in their ignorance, witnessing without having a clue about what they are really seeing, a "Forewarner" might run along the beach shouting, "Get out of here! Run to higher ground. The waters will soon be coming back with a destructive force that will assure eventual suffering! You are putting yourself in a position to undergo great pain and misery!"

Why is a Forewarner or realized message carrier required? How can persons know what they do not know, especially when that which they believe with such assurance is seen through a distorting lens which more often than not normalizes the abnormal?

How can persons know if their culture is among those which make people into cold and distant and unavailable persons if they have never interacted with anyone from a culture where children are raised to be adults that are warm and close and available?

Canadian physician William Osler wrote, "The physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient." That is why almost all persons require a guide to break through the protective shield that has been set in place - a plastic, artificial shield that is distorting the view of those persons and preventing them from seeing Reality and reality and truth and rendering them "fools" instead.

The Non-Dual Guide / Forewarner will say to those who will listen, "You are putting yourself in a position to suffer great pain and misery! You do not have a clue that you are being deceived by what looks to be safe and interesting and rewarding. You are going to pay a very high price in the end for the few fish and shells you're receiving now!"

The Guide might also offer for consideration the following: 

"Your history shows that you are insane, that you are attached to so-called spiritual or religious concepts which have been accepted without question and you are believing lies that will block you from seeing Truth";


"You missed along the way the means by which you should know early on if a relationship that you are contemplating is going to have any chance of being healthy or if it is most assuredly going to be quite unhealthy, but your fears and desires are inspiring you to ignore the facts laid out before your very eyes";


“Beware the lizard brain” (actually termed “the limbic cortex”) because it is only in charge of subconscious responses dealing with “fight, flight, feeling, fear, freezing up, and fornication,” and to be driven only by concerns  with those six factors makes for a very dull and self-centered existence.

Or the wise guide might ask:

"Can you not see that your history shows that you are using a "broken picker" to select partners in business or in "personal relations?";


"Can you not see that going through the existence with your head in the clouds and being a 'deep philosopher' and being overly-serious and not enjoying what the relative has to offer has rendered you an out-of-touch, boring person who is robbing yourself and those around you of enjoyment?";


"Can you not see how unstable and unpredictable you are and how maddening that is for you and all those trying to deal with you?";


"Have you not seen, in terms of almost every supposed ‘decision’ that you have made during the relative existence, that your history reveals a deep-seated, self-defeating, self-destructive tendency?";


"Can you not see that you are imprisoned by your false beliefs, twisted views, faulty concepts, and senseless ideas while believing that you are actually wise and brilliant and free to make choice choices when, in fact, you are being driven?"

Yet the typical reaction to any challenging of one’s belief system by hearing an invitation to undertake a fearless, guide-led inventory and to complete a truly thorough (false) self-examination is not unlike that of a petulant, rebellious teen: "What do you know? You're the one who is stupid!"

To come to a supposed understanding of THAT but to then allow the supposed understanding to result in dissociation or in an imagined separation from the relative existence is no understanding at all. That result of being “in touch with the THAT-ness only” is as useless as being in touch with the AM-ness only.

The Direct Path Method and the Nisarga Yoga are about being in full contact with the I AM as much as with the I AM THAT. When the name of an understanding literally means "not two," then how can anyone claiming to understand the teachings attach to THAT only and ignore the AM-ness, seeing them as two and then supposedly choosing only one?

Again, the understanding of the THAT-ness is 100% useless unless it is overlaid on the AM-ness and onto all relative happenings. The “supposed understanding” is 100% useless unless it is "applied" now (even in the absence of a belief in any "applier").

All of that is another part of what the Direct Path Method and the Nisarga Yoga understanding are about.

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.


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Here, with those who are still driven to talk about "god," the "Son of god," the "Holy Spirit," "Buddha," "Krishna," etc., etc., etc., the invitation to them is to view those as verbs, not nouns.


If looked at as nouns, they point to illusions and are, therefore, a total waste of time to even discuss; if looked at as verbs which are resulting in certain sane but rare behaviors among humanity, then they are worthy of some attention during the relative existence.

Meaning? There are members of certain groups who say things such as "My concept of god in the past was of a weak god, an absentee god, A Santa Claus-type god, a mean, punishing, vindictive god, etc. Today, I am in close contact with a loving and caring god whom I worship and praise and glorify and give thanks to."

The reply to that usually goes like this: "If you are in contact with a god that wants to be worshipped and praised and glorified, then you're dealing with someone like yourself - a narcissist - and hanging out with narcissists will never bring an end to your narcissism (that narcissism evidenced by the fact that you think you are "godly").

Next, in the phrase 'loving and caring god,' any supposed god that truly had her or his act together would tell you that the totally irrelevant part of that phrase is 'god' and that the only part that is relevant is the "loving and caring" part.

"That is, a non-narcissistic their god / their goddess would say, "I care not an iota about being worshipped and praised and glorified by you or anyone else. How arrogant and insecure and needy would I have to be to want that? Forget the man-made, dreamed up noun 'god' and focus on the 'god as a verb' understanding and then go forth and let loving and caring be verbs - not adjectives - and let them generate the act of love and the act of caring and let those actions manifest through you." 

Yeshu'a (Jesus) and Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis were spot on:

"No one shall ever see 'the kingdom of heaven.' It is within"

--Yeshu'a (Jesus)


"Heaven and earth shall fade away."

--Yeshu'a (Jesus)


"Heaven and hell are not geographic places

but are states of mind, nothing more than

concepts dreamed up by men."

--Pope John Paul II 

"There is no hell."

--Pope Francis, the current pope

in an interview with journalist Eugenio Scalfari,

a writer used by the Pope to issue off the record

teachings which become a part of the Papal Magisterium.

[That said, would that the popes who have shown the courage to reject a core concept of their dogma - namely, "hell" - would find the additional courage required to question the very existence of their institution in light of the centuries-long cover-up of their history of raping children and in light of the mental and emotional and psychological scarring of billions of their members past and present.

And that need for courage also applies as questions need to be asked about why so many other sky cults are still being supported and allowed to continue to exist as well. When certain types of programming and conditioning have been shown to blind the masses, they should end. Will they? Not likely. Why?

Because what the masses think and say and do is most influenced by the international crime families which hold sway over the masses as criminals conduct their planet-wide operations. What are the major international crime families and which are the most influential and have the largest memberships?

The Mafia / La Cosa Nostra; the Catholic Church (with it 1.2 billion followers) whose Vatican Bank worked for decades with the Mafia while laundering mob earnings (for a 15% all-profit charge by the Bank); Protestant and Evangelical Churches (with over 1.2 billion followers) like the one I was raised in where the youth director molested and sexually assaulted young girls; big business which has long created environments in which people have been abused; powerful political bodies like the U.S. Congress, etc., etc., etc.)

With all of those crime families, neither the followers nor the leadership ever voluntarily step down or shut down their criminal activities. Be they gangs, organized crime families, religions, big business, politicians, etc., they all want control and they all want power and they all want money, and nothing internal will interfere with the driving forces at play.

The masses must demand that all those in charge must step down and their groups and institutions must shut down, and there's the real problem because the continuation of their crimes are enabled not as much by the people running such crime organizations as they are enabled by the masses of people who - wanting some perceived "payoff" - remain involved with them and give them money and support them and aid and abet the continued existence of those criminal enterprises and thus facilitate the ability of church criminals and political criminals and other types of criminals to continue to commit their crimes.] 


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