Nets’ Kevin Durant gets ‘best player’ recognition from Knicks star

Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets

New York Knicks star forward Julius Randle is certain Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant is on top of everybody else in the league at the moment.

The Nets were able to pull off a hard-fought 112-110 win over the Knicks on Tuesday’s battle of New York at the Barclays Center.

Heading into the game, Julius Randle was already well aware of what the Knicks will be dealing with as the Nets has the “best player in the league” in Kevin Durant.

“He’s the best player in the league, for sure,” Randle raved of Durant ahead of the game via The New York Post. “[I’ve] never seen a 7-footer that skilled…[He can] do anything, everything, on the court. No weakness. That’s him. He’s tough. Great player, but I love competing against him.”

Nets point guard James Harden exploded to a game-high 34 points but Durant certainly live up the hype as well with his 27 points, nine assists and five rebounds tally.

Commending the Knicks after the game, Durant admitted that it wasn’t just another day at the office as New York gave him a hard time the entire 48 minutes.

“You see when we take the ball side out of bounds, you see a guy sometimes sitting in my lap, then there’s another guy behind me sometimes, or a guy digging, so I gotta figure out back screens, and coming off pin downs, and handoffs, and playing off the ball a little bit more,” Durant recalled. “[Knicks coach] Thibs is just unpredictable and he will make an adjustment in the middle of a game, his team will follow it and execute it so you gotta give him credit.”

Durant is still the NBA’s leading scorer with 28.6 points per game. Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry slightly trails behind with 28.4 per outing.


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Nets’ Kevin Durant gets ‘best player’ recognition from Knicks star