New Blog Direction

With the presidential election now in the rear view mirror, I'm feeling ready for a new direction here. This blog was resurrected from it's dormancy in response to the pandemic, when my previously travel-heavy retirement life was put on hold, and it was a wonderful outlet in which to reconnect and share the stress we were all undergoing. Now, though, with COVID vaccines finally rolling out, I think I need to morph my blog into more more of a personal accountability blog, in order to have the motivation to keep it up.

This change may make for some boring reading, so I fully understand if some of you elect to move onward as a result. It's either this, or likely stop blogging, so I decided to go with this.¬†ūüėä

Here are the areas where I want to be more accountable, which I've divided into daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Daily Goals

  • Exercise (Run, walk, hike, bicycle, kayak, do yoga, or lift weights)
  • Practice guitar
  • Practice 15 min of Spanish
  • Limit processed sugar intake to Sat/Sun only
  • Complete a unique household chore
  • Consume eight cups of water
Weekly Goals
  • Read and finish one book
  • Weight loss check in (goal is to lose 20 pounds this year)
  • Menu plan and grocery shop, including at least one new recipe
  • One game night in lieu of TV
  • One reading night in lieu of TV
Monthly Goals, organized by Theme
  • January¬† Home
  • February¬† Romance
  • March¬†¬†
  • April¬†¬†
  • May
  • June¬†¬†
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
I'll do a write up each week on how I'm doing, including progress on my monthly theme.

Monthly Theme (Home) progress report 

Selecting Home for January seemed like a no-brainer in that we recently completed the last remodel I believe we will do in this home. At this point there is nothing significant remaining to be done inside the house and it feels great!

Purchased/accomplished this month to date: Remodels completed, arches and crown molding removed from our bedroom, new mirrors hung in all four bathrooms, new art and shelving for powder room ordered, received, and displayed, two new lamps purchased for our bedroom, windows cleaned, and new sliding door for upstairs guest bedroom's bathroom doorway ordered. 

Before arch removals

After arch removals

Still remaining: Installation of shower glass for last two bedrooms, which has been scheduled for Monday.

I'll be back on Monday, and then each Monday thereafter to give a progress report.


If any of you are tracking goals as well, please feel free to share here how you are doing.

New Blog Direction