New Functional Coffee Blend By Laird Superfood

New Functional Coffee Blend By Laird SuperfoodLaird Superfood, creator of assorted plant-based superfood products, today announced the expansion of its product line with the launch of Boost Coffee – the first-ever coffee with Vitamin D. Boost Coffee was curated to naturally support you. Beginning with Laird Superfood’s medium roast coffee beans, functional extracts from Red Reishi and Maitake Mushrooms, Vitamin D from Agaricus Mushrooms, and Olive Leaf were added in to create the new Boost Coffee blend. Each 12oz serving offers 15% of your daily Vitamin D when brewed with a wire filter.

Boost Coffee blend is made using the Laird Superfood Medium Roast coffee beans, functional mushroom extracts from Red Reishi and Maitake, Olive Leaf extract, and Agaricus mushroom powder. Each 12 oz serving has 15% of your daily Vitamin D needs when prepared using a wire filter.

This new blend of coffee made with nourishing, functional, and plant-based ingredients is available for pre-order now. As one of the first food and beverage companies to venture into the functional coffee space, Laird Superfood is ushering in the next wave for the coffee industry and setting the precedent for the future functionality of coffee.

Laird Superfood Boost Coffee ingredients:

  • Organic Ground Medium Roast Coffee
  • Olive Leaf Powder
  • Organic Red Reishi Mushroom Extract
  • Organic Maitake Mushroom Extract
  • Organic Agaricus Mushroom Vitamin D Extract

With this launch, Laird Superfood introduces the first truly functional coffee that is as delicious as it is fueling. Each 12 oz. serving of Boost Coffee has 15% of an individual’s daily amount of Vitamin D when brewed according to directions. Upgraded to help consumers harness the benefits of thoughtful, functional ingredients and superfoods, Boost Coffee enhances the overall fueling experience.

“It has been a long-time goal to bring the first functional coffee blend to the superfood industry,” said Laird Hamilton, co-founder of Laird Superfood. “We believe that this new blend will radically change how we consume coffee. Once our customers experience the lasting benefits of the Boost Blend, they won’t want to return to a normal cup of coffee again.”

“In an effort to provide delicious, innovative products with functional benefits, we take normal, everyday rituals, such as your morning cup of coffee, to the next level,” said Sandy Egge, Director of Research & Development. “A morning cup can now deliver 15% of your daily value for Vitamin D, plus functional organic ingredients including Red Reishi, Maitake and Olive Leaf.”

In addition to the launch of Boost Coffee, Laird Superfood is launching three new items this month alone. The brand most recently introduced ACTIVATE Prebiotic Daily Greens supplements that are packed with superfood fruits and vegetables that nourish the gut microbiome.* Later this month, Laird Superfood is set to unveil Harvest Dates – a new plant-powered snack that provides a good source of fiber and can be added into smoothies and used for baking, as well as a limited-edition holiday coffee, Wonderful Winter Blend, that perfectly captures the delicious flavors of the season.

“This month we have launched four products that are meant to fuel every aspect of your day,” said Gabby Reece, Chief Brand Ambassador for Laird Superfood. “Whether looking to amplify your coffee, find a nourishing snack, or find balance internally, we want each item to be equally functional and easy to incorporate into a daily routine.”

Source: Laird Superfood

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New Functional Coffee Blend By Laird Superfood