New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

The Aries New Moon is a double whammy of new beginnings energy!

It’s the first sign of the Zodiac and the new moon always brings the vibes for starting something new!

This is an incredible time to start over. To let go of all that is no longer (or never was) in alignment and make some space in your life for all the things you want to manifest and call in.

Think of this new moon as a cosmic decluttering, cleansing and donation drive. Let it all go and start a new chapter.

Aries is a sign that doesn’t mess around. It is bold, strong, confident and okay, sometimes aggressive, but it knows what it wants and always goes for it, and most of the time, it gets it too!

This new moon invites you to take a few risks, get out of that comfort zone and ask for and go for what you really want. If not now, when?

So be bold, believe in your dreams and get out there and make it happen!

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So go ahead and grab your deck, tarot, oracle, angel, whatever you have, and let’s manifest those new beginnings!

Tarot of Curious Creatures

Here’s one I made earlier with the Tarot of Curious Creatures by Chris Anne.

1.What is no longer in alignment

2.What never was in alignment to manifest new beginnings and opportunities

4.risks to take that may just pay off

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New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread