New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread

New Moon in Taurus Tarot or Oracle Spread

Ah, good old Taurus, always bringing us back down to earth, whether we like it or not!

Taurus is such a grounded, earthy sign and when the new moon hits in that space it brings an opportunity to manifest in a very grounded and practical way.

Taurus reminds us that although we can always count on divine guidance and support, at the end of the day, we are the ones living here in our meat suits and if we choose to, we can use them to direct our energy, walk our talk and make things happen.

Taurus is known for being the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, so before you start any manifestation practices check-in with yourself first.

Are you stubbornly holding onto something that is holding you back and stopping you from living your best life?

Once you’ve let go and moved on, it’s time to plant those seeds of intention firmly into the earth.

Don’t forget to keep watering and nurturing them over the moon cycles until they grow big and strong by taking small steps every day to get you where you want to go.

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So go ahead and grab your deck, tarot, oracle, angel, whatever you have, and let’s get planting!

Here’s one I made earlier with the True Heart Tarot by Rachel True.

1.what to be grateful for

2.Grudges to let go of

3.seeds to plant

4.How to make them grow

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With love, light and planting seeds,



New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread