NW Heat Breaks Down, Increasing Storm Chances

A low pressure system currently sits off of the Pacific West Coast and is forecast to move onshore and bring an end to the summertime heat the West Coast is currently experiencing. As this system moves onshore, and towards the Rocky Mountains it will run into an environment favorable to support severe thunderstorms.

Temperatures have begun to drop across the Pacific Northwest, particularly along the Cascades. Some spots are 10° cooler compared to Monday at the same time. Along the coast, many will return to average temperatures for Tuesday.

East of the Cascades will remain hot for Tuesday, with Southern Idaho in the mid to upper 90s, well above average.

Temps will still vary around the Northwest, but generally cooler temps will start off the next couple days as we enter midweek.

By the weekend, the relief from the heat won’t persist, as above average temps surge back into the 90s across the interior Northwest.

The upper level low that brings these cooler temps will move to the North Central US midweek and bring severe weather, which you can read more about here. For more on this weather headline be sure to join us live on WeatherNation and :50 past the hour during your western regional forecast.

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NW Heat Breaks Down, Increasing Storm Chances