In The Loop Part 2

We know that Sarah can knit but she had her mom make this cowl for her. Cathy knit In The Loop (pattern free on Ravelry) for herself and then she made it again for Sarah.
This pretty, graphic cowl can be worn long or doubled, revealing both sides of the striped fabric which features 2-row repeats on the outside and 2” repeats on the inside. The pattern calls for five colours of Rowan’s soft and fluffy Alpaca Classic. 
The cowl’s outer loop is knit with smaller needles than the lining. Although this seems counterintuitive, it will ensure that the whole piece is soft and stretchy and that you make the most of your yardage.
We have lots of colours of Alpaca Classic in stock.

I am working on my The Throwback. My Nightshift is almost finished but I might need a bit more of the colour Salty Dog because I added a few rows by mistake. I am using Salty Dog in The Throwback so after I am finished the yoke I will know how much extra I have to finish Nightshift.

I wish there had been more knitting this afternoon but I had a bit of an accounting meltdown. I was doing my T4s and it said that I owed a lot of money. Not possible. I made all the monthly payments. I printed out a lot of papers and checked and double checked and it should have been correct. I filled out the T4 Summary wrong - I mixed up CPP and UI. Yes, there were some really bad words flying around the house. It's a good thing it was just Roko and I. Everything is done now and I can spend the evening playing with yarn.

Be safe if you are out and about. The wind is crazy. I'm watching the snow blowing across the open field behind our house. Roko won't go out. I have my phone charged. Flashlights are on the counter just in case. I keep boiling the kettle so I know I will be able to have one more tea if the power goes out.

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In The Loop Part 2