Mobile Technology – Past and Future Trends

Without a doubt, one of the biggest changes in the world of tech is that of mobile technology. We have come a long way from the days of city slickers carrying around large, retro mobile phone packs in the 80s and early 90s. Today, not only has the design changed but they have more uses than people who had one of these original mobile phone kits could ever have imagined. On most modern mobile phones, they are so much more than just a means of communication and you can handle all aspects of your life all on one device. Whether that be playing games at top mobile casino sites, managing your finances, creating masterpieces and much more.

The Origins

Of course, in the beginning, mobile phones were merely a means of making calls while on the go. At first, they weren’t the most convenient objects and were very large. Over time, they gradually got smaller and more compact which made them more practical to carry around. As they grew smaller, they started to expand out their uses too.

The first major addition was the addition of clocks, calculators, simple games, and other basic tech. Perhaps the biggest addition though was the implementation of texting on phones. This eliminated the need for phone calls and now people could send short instant messages instead. Customised ringtones and graphics could be downloaded also became very popular. After a short time, a camera became the new must-have feature on your handset.

The Rise of the iPhone and Apps

As time went on, phones added more features. The biggest revolution for mobile’s came via the popularity of blackberry phones. These had more features than ever before with their own internal messaging service BBM, as well as support for business options like email support. This coincided with the initial launch of 3G on mobile phones that allowed for easier access to the internet without needing to go through an elongated connection process.

However, Blackberries walked so that iPhones could run. With the launch of the first-ever iPhone, the way phones could be used changed forever. This was thanks to the App store which simplified how you could use different services on your phone with far more services becoming available. While they started off a productivity assistant, they quickly became fertile ground for game developers and games were one of the first examples of popular apps. This inspired a wave of new app ideas which game to fruition.

Of course, as history well knows, the idea of apps spread like wildfire and phone providers had to adapt and create their own versions of iPhones that had support for apps. This combined with the growth of internet packages meant that having an app for your business became the new must. Today, there is an app for everything. The popularity of social media in accordance with the rise of these features was then and still is a huge element of our lives today as we are now more connected than ever before.

Modern Phones

With the rise of apps has come a more convenient way of life. This is true for all elements of life. The rise of music and video apps means that we have changed the way we hear and share media, banking apps and payment services allow us to use these instead of cash or card, and GPS apps mean that paper maps are a thing of the past.

For professionals, they can now manage all their business appointments and communications on their phone directly. While for creatives, the software supported on phones, such as cameras and drawing services, challenge industry-level equipment. This has allowed people to do on their phones in hours which would previously have taken weeks using traditional software. In fact, there are hundreds of people out there who make a living purely from their phones.

However, there is an argument to say that we are sacrificing some elements of personal communication for the sake of convenience and some believe that while we are more connected technological, but less than ever personally. While of course, mobile phones are a great invention that have changed our lives, they are tools that need to be used responsibly and within reason.



Mobile Technology – Past and Future Trends