Cartoon Q&A: Shelbi Fanning of Cloud Giants on Modern Marketing Challenges

So I’m kicking off a new series of cartoon Q&As. Basically I ask a few questions to practicing researchers, marketers, evaluators, designers, and communicators, then cartoon illustrate their answers.

This week’s Q&A is with Shelbi Fanning who is the marketing manager at Cloud Giants, a Salesforce consultancy headquartered here in Durham, NC.

How do you use the web at Cloud Giants to help find new clients?

We use the web in many different ways, both through inbound and outbound efforts. Specifically, we publish content to our blog, post on social media, run digital ads, and connect with folks who seem to be in Salesforce pain and need an expert to navigate it. 

What’s the biggest marketing challenge you face on a day to day basis?

As a department of one, the biggest challenge is time. There’s never enough of it and I want to do ALL THE THINGS. Instead of setting myself up for failure by attempting to actually do all the things, I’ve had to thoughtfully prioritize what’s going to provide the most value. That’s where I set my daily focus.

I have a routine to wrap up my workday that involves reviewing tasks, setting priorities, and realistically calendaring them for when I’m most productive during the day to make sure my efforts are focused where they should be. Having something like that built into how I work has been a game-changer for my productivity. 

Any tips and advice for other small organizations struggling with marketing based on your own experiences?

There’s a ton of advice for small organizations struggling with marketing and I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. I would say pick one place to focus. Really focus. Decide where your efforts need to be and go all in. Ignore the shiny objects that pop up as ideas that would be good to execute if only you had more capacity for executing them because they’ll detract from that focus. 

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Cartoon Q&A: Shelbi Fanning of Cloud Giants on Modern Marketing Challenges