FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW28

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW28

Ashley does Dallas…
We’ve had indifferent game-week’s, we’ve had bad game-week’s and then we’ve had this game-week. A thought probably shared by a good many. We began with the faint hope of having a solid 11 plus a possible sub, and ended up with 9. A thought probably shared by a good many. We began with a seemingly solid captain choice, he came home with 4 points, we didn’t even answer the door. A thought probably shared by a good many.

We did manage to cobble together a hat-trick of sorts, we got a full set; a clean sheet, an assist and a goal. That’d be news if it was from one player, unfortunately it wasn’t, it was between the whole sorry lot of them. Well, the ones who actually bothered to play anyway.

We won’t bore you with the details of the other 6, their lack of contributions are evident on the pic below. In total we got 34 points, and a second consecutive red arrow which dumped us down to 34,980th. It’s not ideal but at the same time it’s hardly a crisis. With all the chips in hand we are still confident of a good finish.

Last week’s result…

Before we get going on this weeks decision we should remind you that;

This week’s transfer decision…
This week we had 1 FT and £2.7m in the bank, aka the Kun fund….

Some combo of Kun going for 120 minutes at the weekend, and Pep being known for rotation, and Auba getting a rest has actually led us to shelve the Kun plan for a bit. It’s not that we are completely risk averse but we do tend to favour playing the odds a bit. And it’s not as if Auba doesn’t have a very decent looking game in front of him.

As a result our attention turned elsewhere and ultimately to finally replacing Wilson. And ironically it won’t be with Rashford, which was always the intention if we could ever catch an opportunity to do so, having not been in a position to previously after an unfortunate overload on Man United assets. Some things are just never meant to be. Not wanting to use much of our bank, and with a firm eye on BGW’s 31 and 33 we narrowed down our choices to Rondon (Newcastle) and Barnes (Burnley). The brackets are important there as there was some internal confusion over the identity of the latter, which had us at some point buying Cliff Barnes (one for the teenagers), John Barnes and Harvey Barnes. And Cliff Richard, don’t ask….

We couldn’t really split them in all honesty, their fixtures are equally reasonable, as is the form of both them and their respective teams. Both have a game in 31 and both may have a game in 33. Rondon is the ‘may’ bit of that though as Newcastle’s involvement there depends on the FA Cup results. And so, scratching around for any small reason to pick one over the other, we decided to go with Barnes, almost on a technicality.

Our Captain is Salah, our Vice is Auba
This was a tough one and it went to the wire. We have two really strong candidates in Mo and Auba. Both got two votes each with the other being on the reverse vice side of each one. The deciding vote went with Salah, again with Auba as vice, it really was that close.

Our team in full…

And lastly, don’t forget that this weeks deadline;

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