October TUSAL and my Stitching Library


It's TUSAL time!

Here is my TUSAL jar with my current focus piece, Just Nan's Scream House:

Here's the full picture.  This is going to be my focus piece for October:

stitched on 28 count grey linen

What's on my Shelf?

This is a new feature I'm going to include on my TUSAL post until I run out of books! I started a Page on my Happy Dance blog for my Stitching Library and realised what a huge task it was so decided to break it down to one book per month. For the next four years...

Unintentionally, it's another Joan Elliott book this month.  I chose this one because Green Goddess is featured in the book

Title: The Ultimate Joan Elliott Cross Stitch Collection
Author: Joan Elliott
Publisher: Future Publishing
ISBN: 9781858704012

This bookazine (a cross between a magazine and a book) came out as a Limited Edition and sold out very quickly.  Copies started to exchange hands for large sums of money.  Despite all the designs becoming available on Joan's website.  Joan had been asked numerous times if it will be reprinted and says it was not a good experience and it won't be happening.  She does offer all the charts herself and it's actually easier to stitch from her charts than the book as the spine tends to break if you press down too hard!

You can see from the Contents page just how varied the subject matter is.  Obviously there are elegant ladies but there are also oriental designs, Christmas designs, traditional pictures and some sweet cards.

The back cover features nine different designs:

As well as the Green Goddess I used this book to create a special card for a friend:

We'd been stitching Round Robins together and joking about doing one which wasn't just faces.  Someone had done Mermaid Tails and I suggested we do various feet for one!  That was a joke but I thought the hands from the four seasonal fairies would make a nice card.

It definitely took some planning to get the placement just right.   I never did stitch the feet...

Finally, there will be a Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop as usual this year. I am sure you all know how it works but for those who need a reminder - here's a link to last year's

If you want to take part, just leave a comment here or email me if you are a "no reply" person. I need an email address for you to take part in this hop.

October TUSAL and my Stitching Library