resolving, just like everyone else...

How, may I ask, could it get any better than this? Little Elise with her ginger curls, asking "papa" to play Baby Shark, please! Wulf, and his delight in EVERYTHING! Anya, the Candyland Champion of 2019...Ashley, Marge, Paul. It would have been better to have Lyd there too, and of course little Grant from Virginia, and baby Achilles from Salem...

(with Kathryn)

But that wasn't to be, so we had our fun.

Today, Paul and I went to lunch with some of our friends: Cheryl and Bill, Glen and Patty, Angela (she lost her husband Dave to cancer of the esophagus a year ago), Steve, Joe, Keith and Cathy, Bob and Mary, and Hobie and...Karen, the birthday girl...

We stayed at the restaurant for three hours, too much fun. Karen got the free chicken wings, over sixty of them! She shared:). I ordered the beer battered haddock, oh my yumminess, sprinkle some lemon juice on it, with lots of salt and pepper, mmm. I also ordered the sweet potato fries, and regular fries, because I am an idiot, and forgot how hard it is not to eat what is in front of you. I did not eat very many though, but finished off most of the fish.

Jonathan is home from Ottawa. Eight of our kids went up there for New Years, the girls stayed later for dinner today, and aren't home yet.

My resolutions:

1. Exercise! This has been sadly lacking in my life, and I want to feel a bit more fit, way more fit. So from now on, a pool commitment! Angela and I are going to a deep water work out class each Monday and Wednesday from now on! And I will resume my push-ups, weights, and walks. Tomorrow, I will go to the pool!

2. Cleaner fasting, no more cream in the first morning's coffee, or the second cup either. I'll have some when I have coffee in my eating window, near dinner time, even if the coffee is half decaf.

3. This one should be first, because it's the most important: listen and BE OBEDIENT to what God is speaking to me. That still small voice that gently reminds, encourages, and prompts me, I'll be faithful. I will forgive and forget, I will not backbite, I will not put others in a bad light. I will endure to the end, and suffer without complaining. I'll give what I have, share, be kind, and I'll be thankful for all that I have.

4. Maybe, just maybe, I'll clean the house.

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resolving, just like everyone else...