— Testing the spray on – rinse off formula —

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

After a thorough washing, using Ol’ Red to get the lingering dirt and debris off was the ticket. It does go quickly, so we suggest purchasing a large bottle.

Maintaining our favorite machines can be tough work. Before you can get to checking all the nuts and bolts, you have to rinse off the mud and dirt. There are many different cleaning products in our industry, yet some of us still stick with corrosive household cleaners. We were looking for a cleaner that could tackle the job without harming our machine’s exterior finishes. A shipment of Ol’ Red Racing Products cleaners showed up at the office, and we snagged the ATV Wash right out of the box to test it.

When we try out cleaners, we have a short list of requirements to know if the product will be beneficial. First, we don’t want a cleaner that is corrosive or will ruin the paint, anodizing, chrome or other crucial coatings on our machines. Second, any cleaner that leaves residue on surfaces that don’t serve a purpose or rinse off easily is not helpful in the cleaning process. Third, a good-smelling cleaner isn’t a requirement, but it sure is nice when you spend multiple hours cleaning at times. And last, the product needs to cut through mud and dirt with some ease. Of course you can’t just spray a cleaner on mud and expect the surface underneath to get cleaned properly.

The directions for Ol’ Red ATV Wash are pretty straightforward. Agitate and hose off the majority of mud and dirt from your machine. Spray the cleaner generously across the entire machine. Allow two to five minutes for Ol’ Red to soak in and work its magic, and then rinse off.

Ol’ Red ATV Wash is a valuable cleaner at a great price. It cuts through dirt and grime easily and is safe to use.

We started by washing a rather muddy machine with Ol’ Red. We took a brush and power washer to the majority of the mud and debris. Then we coated one half of the machine with the wash that has a pleasant and enjoyable odor, and after a few minutes rinsed it all off to see the difference in sides. Ol’ Red lifted more dirt and grime than the side that just got a thorough washing, so we were pleased. As stated on the bottle, the cleaner has no abrasives, is biodegradable, non-toxic and has no harsh chemicals, so we can wash our machines here in California without worry.

Ol’ Red covered all of our requirements! The only downside we noticed is that the bottle seems to drain pretty quickly with how much you need to cover the surface of an average ATV, and UTVs are far larger. It won’t properly remove heavy grease easily, either, but it is great for the majority of the machine. The upside is that pricing is reasonable. A 32-ounce bottle runs $9.99 with a spray top. You can purchase the 32-ounce, 1- and 5-gallon bottles from www.olredracingproducts.com. They also have a full line of other products—from waxes, hand cleaners and more!



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