Admission Scandal Mad Libs!

Here’s how the standardized test cheating apparently worked:

Some (noun) help their (noun) get a better (noun), prosecutors said.

Singer arranged for a third-party — usually (noun) — to take the test secretly in the (noun)  or replace their responses with (noun).

How did Riddell allegedly (crude action) with
out being noticed by the test administrators? Singer
(verb) those test administrators, prosecutors (verb).

(Name of Freshman Year Hall Crush), who administered SAT and ACT tests in (Name of Your Hometown), and (Name of Childhood Stuffed Animal), who administered the tests at a public (favorite location to hookup on campus), are both accused of accepting (type of candy) to allow Riddell to take the tests. Both are charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering.

“I want to communicate to everyone that I am profoundly sorry for (Most Awkward Usdan Experience) and grief I have caused those as a result of my needless actions,” Riddell said in a statement provided by his (First Name of Your Coolest Professor). “I understand how my actions contributed to a loss of trust in the college admissions process. I assume full responsibility for what I have done.”

Here’s how the fake athletic credentials worked:

In some cases, parents allegedly took part in Singer’s scheme to bribe college coaches and athletic officials.

Who’s the CEO and company behind the admissions scam?

While college coaches don’t explicitly decide who gets accepted into their universities, they do (what you did in your dream last night).

(Name of Fav Wes Celebrity), who played (TV show character) on (different TV Show) and her fashion designer husband, (First Person You’re Going to WesCam), allegedly agreed to pay bribes totaling (how many points you have left) to have their two daughters designated as recruits to the University of Southern California (your most favorite drinking game).

But neither of (Name of Your 2nd Favorite U.S. President) daughters ever competed in crew, a complaint states. Instead, the parents sent photos of (the wild animal you embody/resemble in the gym) on a rowing machine.

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Admission Scandal Mad Libs!