One of The Most Exciting Opportunities of This Century And You Can Get Started For Free

I’ve been into Crypto since 2017 and actually bought some Bitcoin when I was around $15,000, then it crashed and dropped to about $6,000 and I panicked and sold it all. Big regret…

Then at the start of 2021, I got back into it and started to invest in some of the more popular coins again and I’ve managed to triple my investment so far this year.

And that takes me to one of the most exciting developments in this space that has me super excited.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of but if you haven’t you soon will, they have just spent 700 million on naming rights for the Staples Arena in what is reported to be the biggest sporting sponsorship deal in history.

They even have Matt Damon as their frontman and have launched this TV ad in 20 countries.

They have their own coin called CRO whats rocketing at the minute and IMO it will go much higher than the 70 cents or so it’s currently sitting at.

Some people are saying it could reach $500 in the years to come which sounds crazy but BNB which is Binance’s coin is currently sitting at about $670 per coin. Last year it was about $15. Of course, they would need to burn a lot of coins for this to happen but with the marketing campaign they have going on this would not surprise me.

This is one platform that WILL go mainstream and get a lot of people interested in Crypto, and this can only be a good thing for their CRO coin.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can currently get in on a coin that I strongly believe will rise significantly in price over the coming months and years. Plus if you download the app and use this link, once verified you’ll get $25 worth of CRO and I get $25 for referring you. Then you can just let it sit there and if it rockets you’ll have something for nothing.

You do need to invest £300 to unlock it and personally, I’d recommend you do as you get a card that gives you 2% cashback and free Spotify, but if you just leave it and it rockets that £300 will mean nothing. I am actually invested in the next level up at £3000 so I qualify for 3% cashback.

This is the coin that has me most excited because of their marketing campaign and with their visa card, I am going to put just about every single purchase I make through it and receive 3% cashback in CRO. This means 3% of every single penny I spend using their card will be invested in CRO.

I’ve literally shifted about 50% of my portfolio to from Coinbase as they have so many benefits and plan to put everything I spend on the card I have.

Remember, use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25 USD 🙂

One of The Most Exciting Opportunities of This Century And You Can Get Started For Free