Onemix Shoes Bring Versatility, Here’s 6 Reasons Why

There’s a new shoe brand in SA which advocates “playing for fun, loving doing sports and loving life”. Now this is a slogan we can get behind.

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Originating out of China, Onemix launched in South Africa earlier this year, with the promise of offering a range of well constructed lifestyle and running shoes. We decided to put this claim to the test.

The shoe of choice: The Rebound High Top

Why this shoe you ask? Well, it’s a best seller according to the Onemix website, and we wanted to see what all the hype was about. And (spoiler alert) we weren’t disappointed. Here are six reasons why we think these kicks should be the most recent addition to your shoe collection:

1/ You can literally wear them at any time, to any occasion

Considered Onemix’s premium lifestyle shoe, the Rebound High Top packs versatility and comfort into a minimalist design. These kicks are a great way to finish off any outfit, whether you’re chilling at home or running errands. Pair them with jeans or sweatpants and you’re ready to go.

2/ You can run in them

Although these shoes have a more casual look to them, they are, in fact, running shoes and will deliver a light and bouncy stride for your morning jog (we recommend 10km or less). The sock-type design is made up of breathable mesh which will keep your feet cool while on the run.

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3/ You can train in them

Because the Rebound is meant for running/lifestyle, we suggest moderate training while wearing these – bodyweight exercises, light weight training and cardio.

4/ You can wear them ALL day

The mesh upper, along with the comfy durable foam sole provides a snug fit that’s also light on your foot with no feeling of restriction. You can transition easily from working from home to home workout without changing shoes.

5/ So easy to slip on and off

Just like a sock, there’s no hassle when putting on these shoes, thanks to the soft mesh material. The fast lace tie and clip gives you even less work to do when getting these on. You never have to worry about tying and retying your laces while you’re in motion. Simply pull the clip to adjust to your liking, and you’re all set.

6/ They’re affordable

At R1,400, you’re getting a decent bang for your buck – a comfortable runner that can also be the finishing touch to your casual outfits.


ONEMIX Rebound High Top

R 1,400


Looking to up your running ante?

Are you wanting to run further and tackle a half marathon perhaps? Onemix have a range of more suitable running shoes that can keep you running stronger for longer.

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One such shoe is this beauty:

The Light Of Beidou ll.

Ideal for your longer runs, the Light Of Beidou II works for both guys and gals thanks to its unisex design. The outer sole is firmer so can handle the impact of of the long run, but it also offers all the flexibility that EVA offers. I also loved the the see-though Onemix bar feature. The shoe has the geometry and tech to suit a ‘natural’ running style, with the midsole providing just the right balance of energy return and  cushioning to make for a comfortable and fast ride. The upper has a thicker knitted top making it super comfortable on the foot and the standard lacing means you can play around with the fit to get it as snug as you see fit. (See what I did there?)

The beauty with this guy is the stability and support it offers so you can hit the weights floor or that boxing class at the gym (when they finally re-open) with confidence. Oh, and did we mention that the inner sole has sweat absorbing technology to keep your feet dry at all times?

At R1,100 it’s a fabulous price point for a decent running and training shoe, ideal for those tackling their first half marathon or ready to take their training to the next level.


Light Of Beidou II

R 1,100


OneMix is currently running a 10% sale of all their shoes site-wide. Use the discount code LAUNCH10 on check-out. Happy shopping!

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Onemix Shoes Bring Versatility, Here’s 6 Reasons Why