Top 10 Reasons To Wish Antonio Piazza A Happy Birthday!

Top 10 Reasons

  1. He’s 1/2 of the dynamic duo, Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza and
  2. Their beautiful films, Salvo and Sicilian Ghost Story are 2 of the of the last few years,
  3. In fact, Sicilian Ghost Story was selected for the Sundance Institute Screenwriters’ Lab and won the  Sundance Institute/Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award.
  4. His film Salvo won the Critics Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
  5. Mizzica! He’s a really nice guy from Sicily!
  6. It’s his birthday today; he’s 49!
  7. He’s won prizes at festivals all over the world and
  8. His film Salvo is available in the USA NETFLIX     VUDU   iTunes    AmazonGoogle    YouTube
  9. His film Sicilian Ghost Story is coming to DVD in the USA 2/26. Pre-Order it now! 
  10. You’ll have a chance to win a FREE DVD if you wish him a Happy Birthday on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM  – Just tag @iloveitalianmovies  and @GrassadoniaPiazza on FB or iloveitalianmovies and grass_piazza on Instagram and say TANTI AUGURI! His English is excellent – say anything you want but wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and you’ll get a chance to win the DVD.


About the films…

Sicilian Ghost Story

Grassadonia and Piazza’s explosion of themes, abstractions, reality, and emotion is everything you want a movie to be. Sicilian Ghost Story is a Romeo and Juliet for today, told in a way that would make Shakespeare proud.

Sicilian Ghost Story

This Juliet is Luna, a modern girl embarking on womanhood, thirteen-years-old and experiencing first love. Her Romeo is Giuseppe, a sweet, sensitive and handsome son of a mobster, so her mother isn’t in favor of the friendship, but nothing can stop this freight train of prepubescent fervor. Their feelings for each other have an intensity that is ferocious, and when Giuseppe is kidnapped in an effort to stop his father from becoming a police informant they enter a sort of Hinterland, out of time and space. 

Their division between dream and reality blurs and then shatters, and we ask ourselves, “Are they dreaming?” and then “Am I dreaming?” Though the references to fairy tales are abundant, the story’s corporeality keeps us with one foot in the physical world and we are stunned by its cruelty.

In 1993 a real 12-year-old boy was kidnapped in Sicily and held for 779 days until he was eventually killed, and this is his story, in essence. Grassadonia and Piazza have added the human elements to this tragic news event, like hobbies (he was an equestrian), school, and a crush on a girl. Luna’s not just any girl. She’s the kind that girls today can look up to and be inspired by. While everyone around her is frozen with fear, she acts. When the rest of the town plays it safe and keeps their mouths shut, she speaks up. She believes in justice, the truth, and love. 

Luca Bigazzi’s photography is dreamily gorgeous, with nature playing a big part in juxtaposition  with the violence and ugliness.

For Salvo…

more lonely gunslinger than slick mafioso, any joy he’s ever gotten from the proficiency of his chosen profession seems to have been sucked out of him. That his landlords kowtow to him as if he is a king that might at any minute say, “Off with their heads!” is cold comfort in his emotionless routine, and the convenience of having subservients at his beck and call to keep the cops off his back is expected, not appreciated.

So when Salvo arrives for a hit and finds his target’s blind sister, Rita, home alone, we really don’t see any clues as to why he doesn’t immediately whack her. She’s pretty? She’s blind? Whatever the reason for the mercy he shows her, it doesn’t extend to her brother. He does the job that he’s arrived to do, and then kidnaps Rita.


OK, he’s got her, now what should he do with her? He’s expected to kill her too, but he doesn’t, and his situation becoming increasingly complicated as her eyesight begins to miraculously improve.

Salvo is highly charged, emotionally and sensorially, and yet quiet in a way very unlike most gangster movies. With minimalist dialogue, the camera may follow what Salvo sees but we hear what Rita hears and the combination of the two immerses us in the story in a very unique way.

Top 10 Reasons To Wish Antonio Piazza A Happy Birthday!