OSCE Stations

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The Geeky Medics collection of over 250 OSCE stations provides everything you need to practise your clinical skills across key domains including:

  • Clinical examination (e.g. cardiovascular examination)
  • Procedures (e.g. intravenous cannulation)
  • Communication skills (e.g. history taking, counselling)
  • Data interpretation (e.g. ECG, CXR, AXR, ABG, CTG, TFT)
  • Emergency management (ABCDE simulation-style scenarios)
Try out the OSCE Stations and let us know what you think! 🙂
OSCE Stations - OSCE Practice
OSCE Stations

Each OSCE station provides everything you need to practice including:

  • Student instructions: an outline of what skill the student will be expected to demonstrate in the station
  • Patient instructions: a detailed script, allowing the person playing the patient to convey a realistic clinical presentation, including example phrases and advice on what information they should hold back unless directly asked
  • Examiner instructions: an adjustable timer and detailed checklist of the key points that would be expected to be covered in an OSCE and relevant questions that the examiner may ask at the end of the station
OSCE Station Example
OSCE Station Overview Example

The Geeky Medics platform also allows you to gain key insights into your strengths and weaknesses and track your performance over time. 

OSCE Stations
OSCE Station Summary Example
Try out the OSCE Stations and let us know what you think! 🙂


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OSCE Stations