Outfit Formula: Casual Skirts and Cosy Sweaters

These looks are for Team Autumn and Winter Casual Skirt. Combine comfy skirts with all sorts of knitwear, hosiery, boots, socks, and toppers, and you’ve got a great little look. At last, retailers are styling skirts with a larger assortment of untucked tops, which is how many like to wear their skirts these days. Some of the tops are fitted or oversized, but most are fluid. Here are some good examples.

Create a high or low contrast between the sweater and the skirt. Use solids or patterns and any colour palette. Skirts can be straight or swooshy. On to some outfit formulas.

1. Chunky, Fluid and Neutral

This on-trend unstructured look is an acquired taste. It’s ‘80s to my eye, although the boots are more ‘90s. I wore this in red in 1987 with shoulder pads and white shoes and bag and loved it! Combine a flared skirt made of substantial fabric with an untucked chunky sweater. Throw in a pair of flat boots and a bag to match. Here, the black skirt and boots elongate the look. The long sweater shortens the leg line. Choose a shorter sweater to lengthen the leg line if that’s more to your taste. Add refined and heeled footwear to create a dressier look. I see a short black puffer over the lot.

Chunky Fluid and Neutral

2. Dressy Pretty Edge

This is a particularly fab look that combines a flared leather skirt with a comfy fine gauge sweater. Tuck the sweater and scrunch the sleeves. Finish off the look with dressy heeled boots and a dressy bag that works with the palette of the outfit. Here, the fine gauge sweater dresses things up, and works beautifully with the skirt. The cream boots and toffee bag match the light neutrals in the sweater. I see a long classic toffee wool coat over the lot.

Dressy Pretty Edge

3. Flared Pattern with Hard Edge

This is a great ‘90s rendition. Pick a fairly soft and flowing patterned skirt that has black in the pattern. That way you can easily match it up with a black support act to create a cohesive look. Add a black tucked or untucked sweater, a black moto jacket, and black boots, and Bob’s your uncle. The top and jacket are short and fitted to create traditionally flattering proportions. Not essential, but one way to go. Choose flat stompy boots instead of heeled dressy boots if that’s more your thing. Add black hosiery for warmth.

Flared Pattern with Hard Edge

4. Sweatshirt and Pencil Skirt

If sweaters aren’t your thing because wool and wool blends irritate your skin, a fluid cosy cotton fashion sweatshirt is another way to go. Combine a warm pencil skirt with a fluid sweatshirt. Scrunch the sleeves. Add tall flat or heeled boots and a bag to match. Easy! Throw in jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Sweatshirt and Pencil Skirt

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Outfit Formula: Casual Skirts and Cosy Sweaters