Overland Gift Guide 2021: 15 Affordable Overland Gifts UNDER $100

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When giving holiday gifts, it’s the thought that matters the most. That’s why the Expedition Portal team has rounded up this list of 15 affordable overland gifts, all under $100. If you’re shopping on a budget and in need of an affordable overland gift for your favorite adventurer, you’ve come to the right place.


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TeraFlex Air Deflator Keychain + Autometer Tire Pressure Gauge

The benefits of airing down your vehicle’s tires are plenty—increased traction, a smoother ride, and less wear-and-tear on suspension components. I am a firm proponent of  airing down as swiftly as possible so I can head out on my merry way. This conveniently sized, top-notch quality, and fairly-priced air deflator and tire pressure gauge make for a killer combination. They are easy to stash away, and provide the ability to air down while simultaneously having a dedicated but accurate tire pressure gauge. (AG)

$19 | teraflex.com / $41| autometer.com


Snowpeak Titanium French Press

At a mere 6.3 ounces (200 grams), this French press is indulgently small and lightweight. Made from Japanese titanium using a historic manufacturing process, the press can hold 24 fluid ounces (or approximately three 8-ounce cups of coffee or tea. It stores easily, cleans well, and is a great addition to any overlanding or backpacking trip. If you’re worried about payload, this one is a no-brainer. (AG)

$56 | snowpeak.com


Ram Mount X-Grip Large Phone Mount

Whenever I’m heading to another country and driving a vehicle that isn’t mine, I always include a Ram mount in my luggage. Gone are the days of phones sliding across the dash or perched somewhere that is easily visible from the driver’s seat. The mount is made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel components, and high-strength composite, so I’m never worried if it gets beaten up. (AG)

$69 | rammount.com


Two Wheels South: A Motorcycle Adventure from Brooklyn to Ushuaia, by Matias Corea

More than just a beautiful coffee table book, Two Wheels South looks to be another overlanding masterpiece from publisher Gestalten. This book is definitely on my list this holiday season due to its stunning photographs, practical trip information, and compelling tales from the road. (AG)

$40 | twowheelssouth.com/book


Stasher 7-Pack Starter Kit

Maximizing fridge/freezer or cooler space can be a challenging task. Produce can be awkwardly sized and take up a bunch of space, while Tupperware containers are bulky, and single-use plastics are best avoided altogether. Stasher’s reusable food-grade silicone bags could be the perfect solution. They pack down small, but still fit cut up fruit or vegetables, leftovers, and grab-and-go snacks. The bags are also easy to clean, dishwasher safe, freezer-friendly, and come in a variety of sizes. (AG)

$93 | stasherbag.com


Overland Journal Gift Subscription

One item that every overlander should have in their personal library is our print publication, Overland Journal. We produce five high-quality perfect-bound issues a year, including our four seasonal issues as well as a gear issue. The magazine is timeless, full of useful travel tips, inspiring adventure stories, exceptional photography, and it will be right at home amongst your favorite novels.

$45 | overlandjournal.com


Primus Campfire Cutting Set

Overland Gift Guide 2021

The Primus Campfire cutting set is a super lightweight wood-handled Santoku-style blade and oak cutting board combo, both wrapped in a G1000 weatherproof fabric cover. What you see is what you get: the essentials for prepping vegetables or preparing a nice charcuterie board on the hood of your truck.

$70 | primus.us


Orvis Unbreakable Hip Flask

Overland Gift Guide 2021A few sips of your favorite libation in camp at the end of a long day of riding or driving is the perfect way to ease into the evening. So naturally, an appropriate travel container like this unbreakable hip flask from Orvis should be part of your travel kit. Made from 18/8 stainless steel and sporting an 8-ounce capacity, this wide-mouth (for easy filling) vessel is ready for weekend-long or ongoing overland adventures.

$37 | orvis.com


Wolf Pack Pro

Overland Gift Guide 2021Wolf Pack gear boxes are a robust and lightweight solution for organizing your gear. And unlike many of the cases on the market, they’re pretty affordable. Just recently, Front Runner has upped the ante with the new Wolf Pack Pro, which features the same impact-resistant plastic as the original but now includes more robust aluminum buckles as well as a water- and dust-resistant gasket resulting in an IP66 rating.

$55 | frontrunneroutfitters.com


Mopar Ugly Holiday Sweater

Overland Gift Guide 2021

It’s hard to officially ring in the holidays without an ugly holiday sweater to keep you warm. The good news is that Mopar has you covered with this comical acrylic and cotton-blend crew neck that features white and blue snowflakes as well as checkered flags, the 426 Hellephant crate engine logo, the Mopar omega M, and the phrase “Mopar or no car.”

$67 | wearmopar.com


Fjällräven Small Kanken Photo Insert

Overland Gift Guide 2021I’ve found that taking expensive photography equipment into the field is much easier when you have a solution that can provide both protection and organization. But the problem with most conventional photography bags and cases is that they are often difficult to integrate into a travel or field kit. This is where a photo insert like Fjällräven’s Kanken is such a great solution for protecting your gear. When paired with an existing backpack, this rectangular soft-sided protective case easily becomes part of your travel system. It’s easy to swap it from backpack to panniers to duffel bag at a moment’s notice, keeping all of your photo gear organized and ready to go.

$90 | fjällräven.com


Flexware sink 2.0 Collapsable Kitchen Sink

Overland Gift Guide 2021Vehicle-based travel is great because you can bring everything into the field, including the kitchen sink. But, that doesn’t mean the kitchen sink shouldn’t also be compact and lightweight. UST Gear’s Flexware collapsible kitchen sink has a TPR body and can hold up to 16 liters of water, yet it packs down to a very small footprint to fit into tight spaces. It also features two handles to make carrying it easy and can double as a basket to carry small items around camp.

$25 | ustgear.com


6-inch Rogue Hoe

Having the right tool for the job makes life so much easier, and this is where the Rogue Hoe really shines. Each one is handcrafted in the USA from recycled agricultural disc blades (tempered steel), and its sharpened edge can slice through small trees, brush, and roots with ease. I’ve never found a better tool for quickly and easily digging a cat hole or excavating and extinguishing a campfire. These are a favorite amongst wildland firefighters and trail builders, but I’m guessing that overland travelers will appreciate them too.

$47 | roguehoe.com


Adventure Tool Company Tool Pouches

Until recently, my sockets and wrenches lived a very unorganized and fragmented life spread across three different containers amongst cordless drills, batteries, pliers, and a variety of other small hand tools. But after organizing them into Adventure Tool Company bags, dedicated waxed-canvas zippered tool pouches with labels, it’s been much easier to find what I am looking for. In addition to being made from incredibly robust, USA-sourced materials, each pouch is handsewn in Colorado and carries a lifetime warranty.

$30 | adventuretoolcompany.com


Ignik Heated Sleeping Pad Cover

If you have plans to visit a cold environment, you’ll need to have some tools to help you stay warm. Obviously, the proper clothing and a warm sleeping bag will get you off on the right foot, but once you are lying down and stationary, you may want a little bit more warmth. This is where Ignik’s heated sleeping pad cover can go a long way in keeping you warm. It attaches to full-length sleeping pads and is easily powered by an external 12-volt battery system (like your existing dual-battery system or a Goal Zero Yeti). It can also be run by a 5-volt USB battery, albeit with lower temperature output.

$90 | ignik.com


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Overland Gift Guide 2021: 15 Affordable Overland Gifts UNDER $100