Overwatch 2 Launches With 3 New Heroes, 6 New Maps, 1 New Mode & Battle Pass

Overwatch 2

During today’s Overwatch 2 Reveal Event, Blizzard revealed the content for the first season of the game, including new heroes, maps, skins, and a new PvP mode.

While rumors already pointing out Overwatch 2‘s delay until 2023, Blizzard recently revealed that the game will be available this October as a live-service free-to-play game.

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Obviously, fans are excited about the future of this new but beloved IP from Blizzard, and the developers shared more details about the game’s content roadmap for the first year.

Overwatch 2 Will Receive Either A New Hero, A New Mode, or A New Map Every 9 Weeks

During the Overwatch 2 Reveal Event, the developers confirmed that every season in the game will last for 9 weeks, and when a new season comes it will bring a wide variety of new content for players.

The first three seasons of Overwatch 2 will add 5 new heroes to the game overall, three of which will be available with the game’s launch. Currently, we only know about Sojourn and Junker Queen as new heroes, but a new Support hero will also be announced next month to complete the new squad coming to the roster! Blizzard confirmed that a new hero will be added to Overwatch 2 every other season.

Furthermore, you can expect 6 new maps coming to Overwatch 2 at launch along with a brand new PvP mode called Push, which will have its very own map set in Portugal. Unfortunately, the game will not feature any PvE mode until 2023.

The second and third seasons of Overwatch 2 will include new heroes and new maps as well as new modes according to the official content roadmap of the game.

The game will also evolve in the case of in-game items and cosmetics as Overwatch 2 will get rid of loot boxes. You can expect a new Battle Pass every new season with a lot of new items including a brand new tier of cosmetics called Mythic. Moreover, you can expect weapon charms as a new piece of cosmetics.

Overwatch 2 will be available for free on October 4 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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Overwatch 2 Launches With 3 New Heroes, 6 New Maps, 1 New Mode & Battle Pass