Friday Fantasy Cheat Sheet – Rd. 4

Welcome to a new article for DT Talk this season; the Friday Fantasy Cheat Sheet.

Ben of the @BeaufortBeaus takes a look at the most popular trades of Round 4 so far.

Most Traded In

Jy Simpkin has been superb in North Melbourne’s midfield so jump on now while he’s still cheap. Lachie Neale is on fire but it should be flagged that he’s bound to attract a tag soon, starting with Keays or Gibbs this Sunday against Adelaide. Meanwhile Mr Worldwide (aka Marc Pittonet) has been a game changing cash grab in the ruck, but if you’ve got the money Todd Goldstein is looking like a guaranteed 100 every week.

  1. Jy Simpkin (MID/FWD, $585,000) 👍
  2. Lachie Neale (MID, $856,000) 🚩
  3. Marc Pittonet (RUCK, $384,000) 👍
  4. Louis Butler (DEF/MID, $170,000)
  5. Steele Sidebottom (MID, $797,000) 
  6. Christian Petracca (FWD, $671,000)
  7. Todd Goldstein (RUCK, $736,000) 👍
  8. Laitham Vandermeer (MID/FWD, $216,000)
  9. Lachie Weller (DEF, $647,000) 
  10. Chad Wingard (MID/FWD, $648,000)

Most Traded Out

Trading out Sam Jacobs to MWW is the most popular trade of the week, closely followed by a swap from Lachie Whitfield to Jy Simpkin – 50/50 whether it’s best to hold and be ahead of the pack when Whitfield starts hitting his massive ceiling though. Dan Houston’s midfield role has disappeared so it’s time to go, but reverse that Tom Green trade because he’s been named for tonight’s clash against Collingwood.

  1. Lachie Whitfield (MID/FWD, $728,000) 👀
  2. Sam Jacobs (RUCK, $533,000) 👍
  3. Josh Dunkley (MID, $787,000) 👍
  4. Dan Houston (DEF/MID, $605,000) 👍
  5. Andrew Brayshaw (MID/FWD, $513,000)
  6. Dylan Roberton (DEF, $317,000) 👍
  7. Marlion Pickett (MID, $255,000) 👍
  8. Tom Green (MID, $252,000) 👎
  9. Sam Sturt (FWD, $214,000) 👍
  10. Fischer Mcasey (DEF, $257,000)

Trade Targets

  1. Trent Rivers, DEF/MID, $250K
  2. Caleb Serong, MID, $256K
  3. Sam Philp, MID, $232K
  4. Jack Mahoney, MID/FWD, $202K
  5. Louis Butler, DEF/MID, $170K

To start things off, if your one of the 72% of coaches who doesn’t own Trent Rivers, pounce on him while you still can. If you’re a Pickett or Bennell owner and you need a MID to plug and play on your field this week, your in luck with a few options surfacing. I’ve placed Dockers debutant Caleb Serong second thanks to his 107 point average from a year ago, however, he’ll likely spend the bulk of his time as a half-forward. Serong should outscore the other trade targets over the weekend, with new Blue Sam Philp another startable opiton – at least for Round 4. Jack Mahoney and Louis Butler round out the top-5, with the young Roo no certainty to play and Butler scoring 43 points against Sydney last night.

Starting Rankings

Based on matchups, role and scoring potential here’s a roadmap to how you should start your rookies on your field in Round 4.


  1. Trent Rivers
  2. Brandon Starcevich
  3. Jarrod Brander

Desperate times: Hayden Young, Lachie Ash, Will Hamill


  1. Matthew Rowell
  2. Noah Anderson
  3. Caleb Serong

Desperate times: Tyler Brown, Sam Philp, Tom Green, Ned McHenry


  1. Marc Pittonet
  2. Archie Smith

Desperate times: Tristian Xerri, Luke Jackson


  1. Connor Budarick
  2. Curtis Taylor
  3. Max King

Desperate times: Jack Mahoney, Jacob Townsend, Jamaine Jones

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The line for last night’s game was firm at 95, why? We have some VERY big boys to come as listed below who all have the ability to hit 120+. Unless you loop holed Tim English (102) or JPK (95) then I’m encouraging you to shop elsewhere for the rest of the weekend.

Grundy moved up to #2 on my list after the announcement that Sam Jacobs wasn’t playing and that now he is up against Mumford, who he had 181 and 164 against last year. Neale still holds top place as you can’t deny his form and his match up against the Crows this week.

  1. Lachie Neale
  2. Brodie Grundy
  3. Max Gawn
  4. Sam Docherty
  5. Taylor Adams
  6. Andrew Gaff
  7. Travis Boak
  8. Matt Rowell
  9. Steele Sidebottom
  10. Stephen Coniglio

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Looking at replacing Whitfield with Langford averaging 85, would you consider it? @stevekelly86

Personally, I am going to hold Whitfield. It has been horrible as an owner, paying top dollar for a guy who is averaging 48 is basically season ending and makes me want to vomit. However, You have to be the mouse that makes the cream (or however it goes) and keep pushing, so my play is to hold and hope his role goes back to the one that saw him dominate last year. He will drop in cash heavily once again with a BE of 129, but we will all want him at some stage so I’ll save the two trades.

Some teams may be in a position to play the break even game with him and get him back cheaper down the track. Personally I wouldn’t take a punt on someone like Langford who has started the season really well, but would be more inclined to grab someone like Petracca if you missed him or use it as a cash grab like Simpkin.

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DraftKings is now available in Australia and we’re excited to have them on board as our DFS partner. They have just launched their AFL contests and there is something there for everyone. Register for DraftKings by clicking here.

Some of the key ‘AFL Showdown’ contests for tonight include:

  • BIG GPP – $60,000 Blinder ($20k for first) – $10 entry
  • HIGH ROLLER 1 – $8,000 Purple Patch – $88 entry
  • HIGH ROLLER 2 – $5,700 Specky (only 4 teams) – $1,500 entry
  • CHEAP FUN PLAY – $2,500 mini-MAX – $0.50 entry

Here’s my line up for Friday night’s $60k Blinder. Lockout 7:50pm AEST.

Global contest. Entry fees and prizes are in USD. Not available to residents of SA. T&Cs apply. See for details. 18+ Gamble Responsibly. Think! About your choices. Call Gambling Help 1800 858 858

Friday Fantasy Cheat Sheet – Rd. 4