U walk…we WAAAGH!!! #2

The first Great Gargant is done!

Having a really good time working with my epic stuff again. Even dug out the mood board I made last time I worked on these;

They’re just so good ❤ Very no nonsense, and that’s what I’ve attempted to recreate.

Here’s the unfiltered pics of my first great Gargant that will count as a reaver;

So quite a lot done on tbh. The gun ports have been closed and I’ve redone the engine stack, arms and head. As for the head it features my fav detail on the model – the hatch. It is the exhaust lid from the trukk kit. A lot of greenstuffing too as it was a lot to cover up when I removed all of the stock bitz.

All in all I’ve followed the reaver loadout fairly close as far as wysiwyg. As for scale I think it will be a bit shorter than the stock reaver but a lot wider. The base is probably too big but it fits the model.

The paintscheme I’m seriously considering is Goffs as it’ll remove the last vestiges of “goofiness”. Maybe lazy but it is fast at least!

Would you approve of gaming against it and the rest of my ork force as a count-as AT Legio?


U walk…we WAAAGH!!! #2