9 Pantry Organization Ideas So Unique Even Marie Kondo Will Be Impressed

wooden pantry spice and food pantry organizer ideas

Get your pantry ready for your New Year’s goals.

Searching for the best pantry organization ideas? We’re sharing the most unique storage solutions across the web. We’re convinced they’ll not only wow your friends, but even Marie Kondo herself! 🙌

Whether you’re clearing everything out and starting fresh or looking for a couple of new products to make it feel more functional, there’s something here for every home.

Here are 9 unique pantry organizer ideas you didn’t know you needed:

1. Have all your tea in one place with this compact tea organizer.

white plastic tea bag pantry organization ideas with tea bags and inside of cabinet

Buy it on Amazon – $24.99

Love drinking tea? Those bulky boxes of tea bags don’t deserve to take up the valuable retail space in your pantry. Instead, scoop up one of these compact tea organizers! It’ll fit up to 120 bags and it’s so compact (just 4.9 inches wide!) so it’ll fit seamlessly anywhere on your pantry shelf or in the smallest of cabinets.

two tea organizers hanging on wall with tons of various tea bags

Even cooler, some tea lovers mentioned how they were able to pull the two sides apart and drill each of the tea organizers to their walls! So, not only would you be freeing up valuable pantry shelving space, but now you’ll have a pretty (and handy) display too! 😍

2. Think outside the box and use magazine/file holders for your produce.

row of onions squash and potatoes on shelf in labeled wire magazine holders

Buy them at Target – $12.99

WOW! Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box to have a brilliant pantry organization idea! Thanks to one Instagrammer, we’re realizing just how easy it is to make room for so much more food and it’s truly perfect if you tend to buy smaller quantities of perishables, too!

By using some thinner & taller containers like a magazine or file holder, you’ll be able to maximize your food storage tenfold. Plus, there’s no denying it looks so sleek and gorgeous! Bravo, HomeSort! 👏

Shop more of our favorite magazine holders here:

3. Maximize every inch of your pantry with this behind the door pantry storage solution.

woman looking at jar of food in front of behind the door pantry organization idea

Buy it on Amazon – $195

A truly ingenious invention, this pantry organization idea will maximize your storage space and utilize what you might not have even thought of as unusable space before! This shelving unit hangs right on the back of your door hinges and is entirely customizable to fit any door.

Plus, you can customize the shelves so even if you need a place to store crafting or gifting supplies, such as tall wrapping paper or bulky ribbon, you can tailor the shelves to your needs!

4. Your pantry is thirsty for this genius water bottle holder.

water bottle holder in cabinet

Buy them on Amazon – $39.99 (for a 4-pack!)

If your family is constantly battling the cabinet full of reusable water bottles, scoop up a pack of these pantry organizers that hold up to three bottles per row! Or they also make stackable singles if you only have a few bottles to store. They’re perfect for all your water bottles and even wine too! 👏

tons of water bottles in cabinet for pantry organization ideas

Even better, if you’re New Year’s resolutions also mean you’ve acquired one too many reusable water bottles, they even offer a slightly larger water bottle holder which can hold up to 5 bottles per row! And yes, they’re stackable too. 😉 Cheers!

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5. Style & function meets pantry GOALS with these stunning pull-out racks.

wooden pantry spice and food pantry organizer ideas

Buy them on Etsy – $67.99 each

If you don’t mind splurging on some pantry organization ideas that will last for many years to come, then these handmade pull-out racks might be just the modern touch you’re looking for!

Easily install them in your cabinet or right on your pantry shelf for everyone to see, because they’re that gorgeous. Plus, you can even reach out to the seller to get them custom sized to your needs. Sweet!

“I contacted the seller to see if one of the standard products could be customized for my space. Mike took the time to understand what needed to be changed and even created a prototype to ensure it would work. He communicated clearly, timely, and patiently. I received the products this morning, well packed and the quality of the product is excellent. They are sturdy, slide smoothly, and came with screws for installation.”

Hip Tip: See how you can easily make similar, modern labels for your spices! I’m not even a DIY blogger, but this was super simple!

6. Hang any type of broom or mop any way you want with these unique hooks.

brooms hanging up on back of pantry door

Buy them on Amazon – $9.99 (for a 4-pack!) 

These easy to hang hooks even go far beyond your pantry! From gardening tools in the garage and cleaning supplies in your kitchen, now you’ll be able to easily hang all your favorite mops and brooms too.

While you’ve probably seen traditional mop holders, these hooks are much more appealing since you don’t need to drill holes and you’ll be able to customize the height and width – unique to your own storage needs!

7. Your seasoning packets will have the perfect place with these self-adhesive containers.

clear container with seasoning packets hanging on back of white cabinet

Buy them on Amazon – $7.29+

While we’re on the subject of easy to hang pantry organization ideas, consider scooping up a few of these self-adhesive bins! You’ll get to use up some of your unused pantry wall space and stash all your seasoning packets and smaller odds and ends right in sight.

Just keep in mind, if you’re looking to hang heavier items, reviewers recommend grabbing some stronger Command strips.

8. Keep all your party supplies & random lids on display and totally organized.

colorful party supplies in organizer on shelf with bright blue wall

Buy it on Amazon – $12.99

Rather than stuffing all those unused party supplies into a random drawer or cabinet, easily store them with this genius organizer! It’s such a simple design, yet goes such a long way and everything will easily be at hand’s reach when you’re about to cut some cake.

blue and green plastic lids in white storage organizer

Better yet, these pantry organizers also perfect for all your plastic container lids or reusable bags floating around. No more shuffling to find the perfect lid, because this system keeps everything just where you need it.

9. Revamp your tall pantry cabinets with this swing-out pantry kit.

wood kitchen cabinets with swing out pantry and food inside

If you’re going to start your pantry organization from scratch and want a system that’s sure to impress, consider going big with this entire swing-out pantry kit! It includes 2 swing-out pantry units and 2 door mount organizing units to totally maximize every inch of your space. Plus, all the shelves are adjustable so you can perfectly store away your appliances and food items regardless of varying sizes – talk about functionality!

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9 Pantry Organization Ideas So Unique Even Marie Kondo Will Be Impressed