PB or J? SKIPPY Has A Bit Of An “Oreo” Moment Thanks To Sunday Night Football…

Amazing things happen when you expect the unexpected. Hence the viral debate on Sunday Night Football, long after Mike Tirico and crew had exhausted highlights and reports waiting for lightning to subside, over the proper amount of peanut butter to jelly in the sandwiches players were eating during the delay. The 70-30 PB to J ratio seemed to cause a little bit of a riff, and the NBC team led the debate which took over the social space as people waited for play to resume.

The viral debate smacked of opportunity like one of the most creative viral executions ever, Oreo’s “Dunk In The Dark” campaign when the lights went out during the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans. As our colleague Erin Weinberg talked about in class a few weeks ago, Oreo overnight success was months in the making, waiting for SOMETHING to happen during Super Bowl where they could strike, Their war room efforts, especially for a brand that did not use any marks or even reference the game, is now repeated over and over, but rare is the time when you can be first.

So back to PB and J. Now its hard to think that any brand on the PB or J side was up late last night waiting for a viral moment on a holiday weekend…but guess what, one brand did take advantage, and it wasn’t JIF or Smucker’s, brands wich have spent time around sports. It was SKIPPY, who pushed out a tweet joining the narrative, well tagged and all, and it entered a conversation simple and easily because a social team member was on the ball, or the bite.

Now let’s see if some other disruptive brands enter the mix (no pun intended) in the coming days, especially as the NFL folks look out and about for a partner who is in the PB, or J business. Maybe the moment is gone.

However lets credit SKIPPY with its “Oreo Moment” for taking a bite of the opportunity and grabbing a share or two, Chiefs and Bills players take note.

Source: joefavorito.com

PB or J? SKIPPY Has A Bit Of An “Oreo” Moment Thanks To Sunday Night Football…