PEA upgrading Pattaya Beach Road power grid

Provincial Electricity Authority are installing newer power distribution boxes on Beach Road to replace the rusty 11-year-old ones.

The Provincial Electricity Authority is upgrading Beach Road’s power grid to replace weathered parts and provide for juice for beachfront events.

PEA workers said Nov. 25 that the first phase of the replacement of 15 main distribution boards will be completed this month. The current MDBs have distributed electric power since 2009 to support lighting systems, water pumps, traffic lights and some PEA customers on Beach Road.

Moreover, the new MDBs will support electric power to events held on the beach. All new MDB cabinets also will look better, the workers said.

The current boxes are 1.8 meters tall, 600 centimeters wide and 350 cm. thick. Over the years they – and the parts inside – have been corroded by salt air, rust and vandalism.

The new cabinets are slightly smaller at 1.75 m. by 590 cm. by 410 cm.
The second phase of the installation will be completed by early 2022.

A familiar sight on Beach Road which are an eyesore will soon be replaced with newer, sleeker and prettier ones.

The old dilapidated power distribution boxes are taken away for disposal.


PEA upgrading Pattaya Beach Road power grid