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Welcome back everyone.  Thank you for stopping by to check out the latest TF.

I just want to say, Peacemaker was the most fun I’ve had watching comic content is some time.  Thanks James Gunn. Clearly you read comics and that is all that matters.

Here are this weeks pics.


Direct Currents Special 1 1997

Preview appearance of Xero

I just cannot seem to escape previews.  The hunt for these things is what is enjoyable.  I cannot deny that. I was as surprised to find one as I was to learn that 50 Cent is gonna adapt this forgotten property.  It isn’t surprising that Christopher Priest’s work would be sought after by those looking to get adapt obscure, creator owned comics.  I mention this because Christopher Priest owns thew rights to his work even though Xero appeared in the DCU. That makes this issue even more important because it established the ownership, something that was once an issue for DC.  Even if you don’t like previews this cover is pretty cool and it’s a tough one in NM.




Vigilante 36

First time Peacemaker’s Helmet is haunted by his dad.

Here’s a link to my peacemaker article from 2020.  In it I mention Vigilante 36 because first meets are hot. 2nd meets not so much be we are working on that here at CBSI headquarters.  The main reason form mentioning this is due to the show’s ending and what happens with his dad.  All I have to say is James Gunn rocks.





Nickelodeon Magazine November 1999

First comic appearance of Spongebob Squarepants

“There are a lot of great comic firsts in the pages of this forgotten magazine. With a Patrick show coming the first appearance of The Spongebob Squarepants franchise is one to look at. I have sporadically re-posted this magazine over the years in the hopes that collectors would recognize the importance. These characters make their first cover appearance a few issues later. If you collect Spongebob it might be time to look into these issues.”-Topher August ,2020




Extreme Justice 9

First modern Wonder Twins in DCU Proper

I’m no Wonder Twins fan but this one  sure feels like quarter bin gold. I’d be a flippin’ this puppy as soon as the heat comes.  NOTE: The true first for the Wonder Twins occurred in Super Fiends 7

Spectacular Spider-Man 99

First Spot Cover, 2nd appearance, First appearance of The Black Costume ( Fabric )

First appearance of unknown Venom?!

OK that last part sounds crazy even to me but when I was rereading this I realized that the alien symbiote takes over some random dude.  He is eventually rejected by the symbiote but it got me thinking. What constitutes a Venom appearance.  This suit clearly bonded with this man and not just physically.  This character has no memory of what happened.  Now Venom is clearly obsessed with Spidey here and in issue 100.  But is this guy not Venom?  Do wee need to see teeth and green drool? I don’t think so.  This appearance may be brief but what do you think?


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Peacemaker, Xero, The Wonder Twins and More1