Perspectives in Life: The Rain - Blessing or Disappointment? | by Lydia Heng

How has life been for you?

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A glass can be perceived to be half empty or half full — that shows that humans perceive things differently. That’s the beauty — no one is made to all think the same.

Based on our life situations, we perceive things differently.

Let’s talk about the rain.

Is it a blessing, a joy; or disappointment and gloom?

In one part of the world, farmers may be rejoicing for the coming of the rain — it is the hope of their upcoming harvest. I may rejoice for the rain which brings fresh cool air to the hot weather. A rainy day also makes a good nice sleep.

In another part of the world, the heavy downpour causes floods, landslides, and lives may be lost. And here where I am, I may treat it like a gloomy dark day, and it may have ruined my plans to go out. My feet and shoes are wet from stepping into the puddles of water, ughhh!

Perspectives — it is a powerful thing.

The same rain may be perceived differently like the two sides of a coin.

Abstract to Daily Life

Moving from abstract to something more real life and relatable — work.

I’m 3 years into a full-time job after graduation from university. Frequently when I face an issue at work or with people, I come home and re-tell it to my parents. Especially to my dad, because he’s full of wisdom.

A nugget of wisdom I have learnt to embrace is that challenges and issues faced at work are opportunities. Yes they are challenges and issues. But they are also opportunities for you to learn, to hone your character, and to show your abilities.

Similarly in life — challenges and issues may be obstacles, but they are like the obstacles in an adventure course (remember the adventure courses which the school brings you to for personal development?) — which once overcomed, makes us feel a sense of achievement.


Is the rain a blessing or a disappointment?

How is life right now for you? How are you perceiving life? Do you need a change of perspective?

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Perspectives in Life: The Rain - Blessing or Disappointment? | by Lydia Heng