Peter Dutton Halloween Costume This Year’s Top Seller


Costume shops all around the country have reported a surge in demand for Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton themed costumes ahead of this year’s Halloween.

“Mate they are flying off the shelf and to be honest I’m glad as they are a bit freaky to look at,” said a Surry Hills Costume Shop Owner. “Last year it was that clown from IT Pennywise that flew off the shelves, this year it’s Dutton.”

“People really do like to be scared.”

When reached for comment the Minister the Dark Arts was quite chuffed at his notoriety saying: “It’s good to see Australian citizens are paying an appropriate level of respect by dressing up as someone they admire for Halloween.”

“I have to say I think it is long overdue that I start to get some recognition.”

The costume does come with a warning for wearers not to approach small children as it can induce nightmares.

Mark Williamson

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Peter Dutton Halloween Costume This Year’s Top Seller