22-24 May 2019, White Pocket, AZ

One of the neatest places we’ve been is located near the Utah /Arizona border in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. It took two hours driving a sandy 4×4 trail (in the rain) to reach our destination, White Pocket – and did I mention the clay dirt road leading to the trail – which was almost impassable when wet… We had to disconnect our Jeep to maneuver the trail!

Start of trail to White Pocket
2 hours later – entrance to White Pocket – Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

The rain actually made the sand a bit easier to drive on, but the long drive made the area very desolate – not many others attempted to explore this area while we were there.

Once we found a level (and not so muddy spot) to camp, we began exploring the area. As we hiked around, I was taken with the thought that this would be a perfect spot for a Star Trek episode! There were so many odd features that it felt like we were on another planet. The colors and patterns of the rock were mind-blowing!

The ground felt like we were at the bottom of the ocean!
The textures looked like a giant quilt
Then there were giant “bites” in the white patchwork where the red and orange colors were amazing!
Chuck at White Pocket
Rock formations at White Pocket
Rock layers at WHite pocket – See how they suddenly switched from up and down to right and left – what happened in the history of this area to cause this?
Rock Formations at White Pocket – the colors were brighter as the sun peaked out!
White Pocket – seems like a good spot for a Star Trek episode!
Even the sand in the stream bed after the flash flood is multi-colored and patterned!
White Pocket Rock formations.
White Pocket rock formations
Rain finally clearing at White Pocket
Rock formation at White Pocket – like a giant slide!
We found Tadpoles in the rain puddles!
Sun finally shining at WhIte Pocket
Driving back – another two hours to the “road”
Heading home from Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.

What a cool, cool place!

22-24 May 2019, White Pocket, AZ