Philips Sonicare Product Tester Community is OPEN

Product Testers Wanted: Possible Free Philips Products

Philips Sonicare Product Tester Community is OPEN

If you love getting high value products to test and keep, then read this! Because, you could become a Phillips Product Tester and receive FREE products! To apply for this, head to their site, fill out your shipping information and check the boxes on what type of products you would be interested in. Be sure to confirm your email. When they are offering product tests you can apply for them as they become available. If you are selected they will e-mail you and send you product for FREE (unless it’s one that has a small fee). You will get to keep the product. All they ask is that you leave feedback and reviews on the product.

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About the Phillips Test Panel

Become a Philips product tester and tell us what you think about products. Your feedback as a product tester will provide the company with valuable insights to improve and innovate the Philips product range.

Participating in a Philips product test is an easy and fun experience. Head on over to their site, and learn more about the flow of our product test. All of their tests run in the specified time period and follow 5 easy steps.

1. Sign up & Apply

After you’ve registered with the site and logged in, select a test that you are interested in and apply. We will inform you by e-mail if you are selected to participate in the test.

2. Receive product for free or at a reduced price

Depending on the type of test you can buy the product at reduced price in our online store – or we will send it to you free of charge.

3. Try the product and submit your feedback

Test the product in detail and then write a comprehensive and meaningful evaluation.

4. Write a review

Indicate for which sites you have written a review and upload a screenshot or include a link if requested.

5. Retain your product

You have successfully completed the product test and you may keep the product.

See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.

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Philips Sonicare Product Tester Community is OPEN